portada cosas para la playa


There is always a first time for everyone, including how to bring children to the sea, making for a thousand doubts and fears, especially if the baby’s age is only few months.

“What do you need to put in the bag to go to the beach with the baby?”

So it seems helpful to share with you moms a small vade-mecum of objects not to be forgotten for a hypothetical weekend at the sea or, more generally, for your vacation.

The fundamental rule is to leave the anxieties and fears at home, otherwise we will not be able to enjoy the many holidays waiting with our children or even just a day of the sea. What’s more, it is not too difficult to prepare a perfect bag, but here in Oblumi we do not want to miss anything to you at #TheNowFamily, so we have prepared a list of the 5 basic things to bring:

1) Sun Protection and Aftersun cream:

cremas solares

Remember that a small burning takes you back to life. And since our kids are used to playing hours in the sun or in the water, where the sun beats even stronger, it’s best to prevent putting some 30 minutes a bit of cream in the most sensitive areas, such as face and shoulders.

2) Life jacket and armrests. Woe to whoever forgets them!


3) Caps and hats

The cap, in addition to protecting from insults and burns, is also an accessory to which moms hold, because it gives their son more style than ever (not that he does not already have it)


4) Thermal bottle

To react promptly to one of the most frequent exclamations of your small pests – “MAMMA, HO SETEEE !!!” – the thermal bottle is the ideal.

Be careful, however, that it is not too cold to overcome any CONGESTION RISK

5) Shovels, buckets, balls, cards

palas cubos de playa

Last in the list but not important. In fact, what most of our kids want to do at the beach is to play, play, play and still play!

So with these things they will have room for their imagination and maybe they will get tired before, falling asleep on the brim for hours … (for your joy!

Finally even if we do not include them in the list do not forget to always bring with you the need for a first aid such as instant ice for any falls, thermometer such as a TAPP for example,


Ah, even if your little ones will not help remember to bring a nice camera to portray the joyous smiles that your child will give you if you respect the list we just gave you: D

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