Antibioticos buenos malos

Antibiotics yes or not? Natural antibiotics, the other option

We are in that time of the year when we end up being “friends” of handkerchiefs, snores, cries of pain and discomforts and we have to have a medicine cabinet that neither the navy can compete with.

Getting a cold is always annoying, most of all if it requires us, the elder, to stay at home and have to REST! Seeing our child suffering is even more annoying if not hear-breaking.

In moments of despair, when pediatrician does not prescribe us anything more than painkillers, we ask ourselves the same question: when will he prescribe us antibiotics?

 What is an Antibiotic?

Antibiotics can save lives, but they are not always the answer. On the website of My Pediatrician Online, Dr. Jesus Garrido explains very well.

 “An antibiotic is a drug that kills bacteria and / or makes it difficult to reproduce. Therefore we use it to help defend a patient suffering from an infection caused by bacteria. It does not serve to fight against infections caused by other germs, such as fungi, viruses, protozoa. “

It is true that the arguments in favor of the use of antibiotics say that with the correct treatment, these are usually very effective. They reach places where other treatments are not able to get there. And besides, the action is immediate (we are better off almost after the first or second shot).

The problem is that unnecessary or inadequate use of antibiotics to treat viral (and non-bacterial) infections, such as colds, flu, most sore throats and bronchitis, means that:

  • The infection is not cured.
  • It does not prevent others from getting sick too.
  • It does not help make the patient feel better.
  • May cause harmful and unnecessary side effects.
  • And the worst is that it helps the immune system become resistant to antibiotics when it really needs to be used.

The use of antibiotics is the main cause of resistance to antibiotics. With misuse and / or abuse can cause resistance. Being resistant to antibiotics means that many groups of antibiotics are no longer effective; therefore, small diseases which, a priori, should not have more importance, could have in the future.

As My Pediatrician Online warns, fever is no reason to give antibiotics. No matter how high or how many days you take with her.

papas cuidando bebé

We are not magicians but we all go through it. When there are small children and babies at home in the end no one escapes some time of anguish and despair for not knowing what to do. That’s why we leave the most common tricks for you to read and to tattoo them in the mind in our latest post #TheNowFamily fighting the flu

The best tricks: meals


antibioticos naturales

There are real natural antibiotics that contribute not only to relieving us, but to prevent us from contracting a cold. The fundamental thing about these foods is that they do not produce side effects, as it does with pharmaceutical antibiotics. And they help us reinforce our defenses. Only inconvenience: you have to prepare them by yourself.

Garlic: this special vampires’ ingredient that does not usually have many recognized adepts but that can do magic to your body. It is considered the antibacterial food with excellence. It improves circulation and reduces hypertension and high cholesterol. It has more than 60 antiviral and antibacterial components, which not only cure but also prevent all kinds of infections. In addition, it has another advantage: it can be used externally. Applied directly to wounds, you can forget the possibility of an infection.

ajitos y cebollas

Onion: after garlic, it is the next most important natural antibiotic. Its combination of substances is excellent for any infection of the respiratory tract. Do you remember that pot of boiling water with onions that your grandmother used to do to you? If you add eucalyptus, you have a great home remedy to breathe again. In addition, the onion is used to combat all kinds of intestinal parasites.

Ginger: it is something that many associate (us included ) with Japanese food is a food with a selective antibiotic power: that is, it is relentless with malignant microorganisms but, at the same time, it encourages the growth of benign microorganisms like the intestinal flora. It turns out to be particularly good with intestinal and throat infections.

jengibre en polvo

Honey: you can use it as a sweetener for drinks (like infusions). But what many do not know is that it’s antiseptic, expectorant, invigorating and healing properties. Honey is also a good antibiotic ointment for wounds, sores and skin infections. In addition, it has a great energizing and restorative value that comes great for the sportsman.

Strawberries: far from being the fruit linked to passion and love strawberry has a very important antiviral function, since it strengthens the immune system naturally, doing so More effective in fighting infections. It is a very good complement for treatments of rheumatic diseases.

romero en flor

Rosemary: “Oil and rosemary fried, balsam blessed” is a typical Spanish saying. Specifically, it has more than 20 antiviral properties. A rosemary tea is excellent to prevent germs capable of damaging your health from spreading in the body causing more problems. An infusion, 3 times a week, will help prevent many infections and diseases.

Pineapple: a fruit that does not enjoy all the popularity it should. Not everyone knows that pineapple is an excellent fruit for those who suffer from sinusitis. Pineapple is a fruit rich in a proteolytic enzyme known as bromelain, an enzyme that helps dissolve mucus and decongests the sinuses if taken in mild sinusitis.

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