Back to the store with some educational apps

The summer holidays are over. So, out of the blue, without warning, by hook, by Night and treachery. Back to work for Dads return to daycare for the little ones. Oh, back to the store! Finally. To encourage and make your routine a little more bearable we have selected for you a range of educational applications that will keep the little ones entertained while they learn and play. By the way, do not forget your little glued to the screen and play it often!

The teacher Panda Doctor

This application contains several educational games that help kids learn the most basic concepts. Includes puzzles, logic games to learn numbers and counting and invite others to determine which animals are larger. Dr. Panda also leads other games that are more or less the same dynamic: The Supermarket Dr. Panda‘, ‘The Garden‘, ‘The Nursery‘, ‘The Restaurant’, etc.

Pocoyo When a mother speaks

The Talking Pocoyo application with your own voice repeats anything you tell the child, laughs when you tickle on the belly (of course), dancing, playing instruments allows the screen and provides a guessing game animals. What child can resist the charms of friend Pocoyo?That stuff makes this Pocoyo!

Educate the next Jimmy Hendrix

You want your child to be a future rock star and you retire to your next platinum? That we can not guarantee, but you can put him Baby Piano music by the bug. Also learn that the cat meows and makes the duck quack, quack.Great Fun!

What it sounds?

Sound Touch Lite In the child must listen to different sounds and choose which image correspond. The application includes a bunch of sounds and funny pictures, divided into several categories: animals, vehicles, musical instruments, household items, etc. In short, ideal for replacing the drum that have given her child in her titos and both adore.

Some mates, never hurts.

Applying 10 fingers will definitely be a good help in teaching your child to count. Who said math was complicated? In this case a picture is worth a thousand words …

All aboard!

The Lola’s Alphabet Train is an educational game that presents the alphabet in 5 minigames and in 10 different languages. The player travels with Lola Panda in his littletrain and learn the alphabet and also simple and basic words. Gradually the minigames are becoming more complicated as the player progresses in the game. Children play while they’re having great with Lola and do not realize they are studying and learning something new. What will the pandas to be so educational?

And for dessert, a little fruit.

Fruit Ninja with your son learn, learn little, but you will have great. With all that fruit and a sharp finger, feel a ninja of the XXI century. The truth is that we could not resist us, since we love. We recognize that we are addicted to Fruit Ninja …


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