to do propósitos 2018

Are you planning 2018? Here you have 3 you must complete.

Second week of the year and we still haven’t stopped seeing in blogs and social networks the New Year’s resolutions of all our friends / acquaintances / strangers but friends on facebook, crying to heaven so that this year they will lower those 3 kilos that now, after years without fulfilling what we set out to do, have become 10.

One more year. 365 days are behind us. 365 days in which we did not fulfill the resolutions that we set ourselves on the 1st of the 1st and today, with 365 more that we have ahead of us, we pose the same question again…. We don’t learn.

The human being is the most fragile and vulnerable of animals, since he is born unprotected from everything, and generates routines, attachments, traditions to feel belonging and support. The beginning of the year is a turning point, to which again, the human being is resistant. But change has been marked by seasons since time immemorial. And always (in all cultures and religions) winter has been taken as the period of purification. It is time to make a clean slate and new account, that the flowers will come in spring.

This moment of change and purification is so intimately related to winter, with the change of season, that until the date of Jesus’ birth it was changed to approach the last week of December (coinciding with the feast of Saturn, venerated by the Romans). That is why let us stop playing at being god and think about attainable, realistic things and, above all, that do not depend on anything or anyone, not even the weather or the season in which we are.

my goals

The simple fact of trying to decide that you’re going to do something already makes you farther away from doing it. Therefore, if we take this temporal/seasonal event as a starting point to have flowers in spring, we want to propose 3 simple, and above all, feasible, realistic purposes, so that they can be fulfilled in these 365 days that we have ahead (we have less left). We have to make sure that when 2019 comes, we have fulfilled them for months.

Purpose 1: Go to the gym to unsubscribe.

Why deny it: you’ve been paying the dues for months and you’ve only been on it for 3 days. Instead, it invests its share in a real solidarity project, such as the Marco Luna Association, which is implementing the integration of Virtual Reality in hospitals so that children with cancer and leukaemia can have a distraction that “takes them out” of their clinical confinement. Contributing to this is sure to make you feel a lot better and not stiff.

And don’t worry about the weight. Better than the gym, start by eating well. With established schedules. Don’t skip meals so you won’t get to the next one and eat a niu on your own.

Purpose 2: Stop saying “I’m going to do”.

You think about it in silence and everything is millimetrically planned, with times and agenda. Everything’s perfect. But, it’s starting to verbalize the project by beginning with the phrase “I’m going to do…” and in the two seconds from that “I’ m” to “doing” you realize that it’s something you’ll never accomplish.

Don’t verbalize anything. Start doing it, whatever your project or purpose is, and then you’ll have time to tell the whole world after you’ve started it, don’t kid yourself with the little phrase… Murphy’s law is for everything and everyone the same.

Purpose 3: Accept reality without guilt.

The time is coming. You look at it and re-look. You smile at him. You tell him a story. You try to convince him/her of the wonderful life that awaits him/her at home, far away from trees and swings where they can fall apart… But nothing, there is no way: you have to go to the park with your children. That’s why the best thing is for you to propose to accept things as they are and as you feel them. And you don’t like anything about having to go to the park with your kids. No, you don’t like it. Just as you don’t like your partner’s companions, or your own. Or your brother-in-law… That’s why, acceptance purpose.

dont talk

And nothing more. Three is enough. Better 3 and comply, than more and give up in February.

We give you all our support from #TheNowFamily, and we encourage you to share with us what is that purpose that this year you will accept that it will never be fulfilled again.

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