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Autism (ASD), a special, but not a separate world

If you who are reading this text have a son or daughter, nephew, sibling or any familiar within the autism spectrum, possibly you know what means to live with someone born with this disorder. It involves facing challenges which are totally different from the ones of ordinary families.

Where there are autistic children there is a continuous research for different solutions to problems which are not common to everyone. Learning how to face difficult challenges and specialising ourselves in topics out of common is what makes a family with an autistic child different from any other.

But, as any challenge in our life, #TheNowFamily is prepared in facing this one as well, as difficult as it may seem. Life is an adventure, and experiences like unique, which means not everyone on resonate with. Although it was first identified in 1943, there are still many myths surrounding autism.

Autism is part of a family of conditions called Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). It is a lifelong condition but, with the right support, people with autism can achieve fantastic things. People with an ASC may require support in four areas:-


Interacting with others

Imagination and flexibility

Sensory processing

Source Autism Together

We have same right and we can face the same challenges.

“In my school, at home, in my neighbourhood I learn to hear the noises, see the around reality through images and draws more than I could do with the books, the furniture and the house. I love to see how fast the pages of the story my mom reads to me are turning one after other. You love to see how cars are running fast on your TV screen, one after another. I love to enjoy a day in the park, a walk in the city or in the mountains, to watch the nature, smell the flowers. The noises disturb you like they disturb me, you like a honest “I love you” the same as I do, a hug when you are sad or angry. Maybe more than you. or just like you. Because I am the same as you. To read, to talk, to see I need additional help, maybe more than you. But the same as you, I am capable.”(APNA- Association of Parents of autism people).

This is how APNA, the first Spanish association introduces itself in its web.

Like this one, many other associations around the world reclaim the same capability of autistic children as other ones.


They are capable, they are similar to all of us, they just have different necessities and different ways of learning doing things, of seeing the world. In #TheNowFamily we know that the big technologic world made a big change in what is our daily routine. We are facilitated by the Internet and everything around this empowering tool. The Advances in medicine along with the new concept of eHealth joined the Mobile Medicine or mHealth, are helping many people with other skills and to empower patients to care for their own health and learning.

The apps that can help and teach your child

 At the moment there are different apps that can help parents with difficulties in taking care of their children’s health. There is a list of the most useful apps to be used in order to facilitate the daily activities of children with Autism. An example of this is the app FIND ME. The app has been designed by a combination of researchers at the University of Edinburgh, incorporating input from various people with relevant knowledge, like parents and teachers of children with autism. The app aims to provide a forum for practicing basic social skills in a fun and motivating way. By practising these skills, children’s real-world social behaviours will also improve.


Most of the parents who are rising autistic children these days were born in the ’70 and the ’80. Are principally those  who grew up with the Sesamo Neighbourhood. Julia is a small girl having autism and sharing her experience with everyone who is living on their skin the same one. It is an inspiration for families who each day have to fight with this difficulties.

 Advices for parents with autistic children

To know that you have a child with the autism syndrome can be sometimes difficult to accept. But as any challenge in life, it can teach you more than anything. To learn to live this experience and to be grateful for it is the first step towards acceptance and progression.

As with any child, is important to show them love and affect and most of all have to take in consideration the following aspects:

1- Never underestimate your kid’s potential. You can be surprised of how many things they can accomplish if only someone believes in them and motivate them. Don’t forget that he is capable as anyone else, even thou these capacities can be limited.

2- Search for positive support. Families and professionals have an important role in sharing experiences, advices and encouragements.

3- To your kids have to be given the school and the educational environment in order for them to learn, starting with the infantile stage of their life.

4- Never forget to take care of your family and your couple or your other children. Your autistic child will feel part of a nucleo in which everyone os seen with the same loving eyes.

5- Keep calm and never lose your humour. It always can help you in finding a solution where there is apparently just darkness.

With a bit of positivity. patience and humour everything is possible.

2th of April,World Autism Awareness Day

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