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Back to school: if it’s a drama for you, it’s a drama for them.

Many cry, others don’t sleep, others make excuses to stay at home and some people think they’re going to a party (for the likes of colors). The return to school leaves no one indifferent. For parents it may be a battle against the clock that only begins, but for them? What does it mean for the little ones when they go back to school?

After all, it is they who are facing a new stage. New books, new things to learn, new demands of all adults. Pencils, colors, someones  that start using pens (well!!). Others still struggling to speak. All is new.

That’s why we want to give you some advice so that everyone at home stays calm before returning to school.


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Just as adults suffer when they have to return to work after summer vacation (which we never think is enough), so do children experience stress when they return to school. We could say that they also suffer from so-called post-vacation stress.

After a prolonged period of vacation, going back to school makes them nervous, stressed and anxious. They may be more irritable and hard to sleep.

The causes of this state are the major change in routine, the onset of new challenges as well as fear of the unknown. Experts say that parents’ role in relieving children’s nervousness is crucial, so don’t be more nervous than they are.

That’s why, in order for parents to help their children not be overwhelmed by going back to school, here are a few guidelines to follow.

. Return a few days earlier so that they can adapt again to everything that is going to be usual. Even going back to your usual bed is a remarkable change.

. Progressively changes sleep schedules. In summer there are no schedules. That’s why it’s good as early as the weeks before they wake up and go to bed a little earlier every day. Regulating the schedules and getting restful sleep when they should be essential and very important to prevent stress.

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. Don’t give up all summer recreational activities altogether. Take advantage if the swimming pool is still open, the park will still have light until late. Even if the routine has begun, it is not advisable to suddenly abandon all the things you do in summer. It’s about the child not perceiving a too abrupt change in his or her routine.

. Make a first visit to school. If possible, especially for younger children, it is advisable to make a first visit so that they can see the place where they are going to spend an entire course: teachers, the classrooms, the patio, etc.

. Tell them about school. Talk to your children about going back to school, especially if they are very young or make a change of centre. Ask them what they like best about when they go to school and what they don’t like the least, if they want to go back to school, if they want to know what their class will be, or if they want to play at playground time. If they tell us they don’t want to go, it’s okay to be interested in why, what worries them and we’ll know their stress reasons.

. Be patient with their mood swings. Usually, when children are discouraged or depressed, they don’t look sad as adults do, but become anxious, irritable and distracted. If you notice any of these symptoms, rather than scolding or punishing him, be empathetic and try to encourage him.

. Involve him/her in the preparation of school material. What’s more fun than having markers, backpack cases and a whole new set of stationery? Take him to buy the books, pencils and notebooks, let him choose his new backpack and prepare it together… This way they will also feel more excited.

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We can also empathize with them and confess that we don’t feel like going to work either, but sometimes we have to do some homework even if we don’t like it.

Help him think of positive things like meeting his classmates, making new friends (in case of a change of center) or returning to the after-school activities they like best. Take advantage of this moment to encourage him to set new objectives for the course. Maybe she’ll tell you she wants to go to dance classes, join a football team, or set up a LEGO. You never know.

Don’t lose the optimism and everything will be ok ;)


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