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Being a mum: a challenge or a funny adventure? #MumYouRock

 Ok, not everybody will agree, but being a mom is the most difficult challenge a woman can go through their life you. Yes, yes, laugh at algebra, neperian logarithms and quantum physics.

Whether you are already a mom if you are a mom-to-be, if you think to become in the future or if you are a great auntie, this article is dedicated to you. Woman.

There is a lot of false myths around motherhood and how women feel pressured by society to comply with what is supposed to be a perfect mother.

In #TheNowFamily we love talking about all kinds of families: families with pets, single parent families, large families, families of 2 mothers, families of 2 parents, families without children … But, at the end, we all come from a woman …

So our vision of moms is as different as many mothers exist in the world and we think that All of them are SUPERSTARS. And all of them rock in being mums, because they decided to do the most difficult thing in this life: to be a mother.

Being a mom means that you will never ever be alone in the bathroom again. It means that you can easily go outside on a walk as a panda bear (hello, dark circles). Being a mother means to forget that we need at least 6 hours in a row of sleeping. It is looking for hobbies and even work to be able to rest from the difficult task of being a mother (a few hours) or is also to stop working because they prefer to spend more time with their children.

Being a mother means many things, and we bet all of them are valid since there are so many ways to be mom as women in the world.

That’s why we chose to share the testimony of 3 moms. 3 working women who tell us why, despite everything, it is great to be mom.

Patricia Venegas, a mom blogger, thanks to her little Martina can state clearly:

“It’s my favorite role, to know that you are the one in charge of a little person that you have made with all the love in the world. I love to see her grow and to learn at that speed and that little by little it seems and imitate more the things that I do, I simply love it :)”

Patricia and her little Martina

Her thoughts are similar to what Loudes Pico (Pintando una Mamà) says, as well as the one of Las Maris, mums who write in NiBlog NiBloga. They affirm that being a mum is as Cool ”because there is always a reason to smile, there is no day when they do not do those things that you just cannot avoid to laugh out loud. “(Lou – Pintando una Mama) and because it generates feelings that you never thought you would have. And above all, because nobody in the world could make us as happy every day as our children do. (NiBlog, Ni Bloga)

Pintando una mama

Lourdes Pico (Pintando una Mamá) and her little daughters

It is clear that there are endless things that make motherhood a unique experience but also there are difficult moments that fortunately are shared courageously by many women. We have only asked them how they see motherhood today. Patricia Venegas sees it clear “I think we tried to make people see that everything is perfect from the outside. But of course not, in my case I always say it, for me it was very hard at first, everyone painted it for me as a wonderful experience but for me it was hard, Very hard. Now I can say it is beautiful but the first few months were very uphill.”

“There are those who are more affected by their circumstances and the people around them than others. In Lou’s case, she sees motherhood in a different way. “Just because I do not support particularly any fashions wen it comes to growing your children, I mean I am neither a supporter nor a Taliban at all of any in particular, I have done what I have considered best for my children and my family, together with my husband. Always without thinking if it is important or not for other people. I do not care if some use artificial milk, other breastfeeding, someone making particular collections or sleeping on spikes. I do what I consider best for us. “

And in Niblog Nibloga they find happiness in positive moments where they can “with thousands of tools to enjoy with them, and share these moments with very conscious and involved parents,”. They are also aware of the current negative side of rushing “with which we live and the obsession and pigeonhole in many cases by types of upbringing children. “

las maris niblog ni bloga

Las Maris from Ni Blog Ni Bloga

 “To educate a child and see him grow up is always nice. Everyone has to do what is best for them! – NiBlog NiBlog “

They are cool mommies, but many times they do not believe it and do not feel special. A mother feels normal even if she does wonders to carry everything forward. For Lou the main thing is the organization “I have always been very organised and I try to do everything in a timely manner so that we can all live in” harmony “. And because we do not have already babies, schedules are more” adaptable ” because we can all do things at the same time. “

Patricia is trying to be modest. She says “I try to leave the food ready for the 3 hours that I use to leave Martina at nanny. Last year I was not going and it cost me a lot more to do things but took advantage of their mini-naps to overtake everything. “

Patricia 2fotos

Patricia with her Martina and her husband in Rome, where he plays in Lazio

And the Maris from Ni Blog NiBloga are pure energy feeling super at ease with the role of being a mum. In addition they shared their secret with us: “What defines us as Cool Moms is fun. We are aware that tomorrow our children will remember more having enjoyed an afternoon stomping pools in the park than the order that was always keep at home. We love to discover things in family, to go out, and to enjoy, after all, we have never stopped being girls. It is a question of choosing your priorities!


Marififi and Marifriki – NiBlog NiBloga 

As different as they are, in the advice they give when we ask them what they would improve or change in this society, they respond in almost the same words. Patricia speaks of respect and tolerance towards the thoughts of others. Lourdes believes that things have to be done as you think are best for your children. And Las Maris end up by summarizing our dedication to mothers:

“this of motherhood is learned only day by day. Accepting doing it wrong or right. What we would ask of society is a little more tolerance and common sense. Remember that our children learn from what we are, what we do and what we say. Real life goes beyond Pinterest and Instagram. “

A deep thank you to our rocking mums who agreed in participating in this interview and being open to share with us our ideas.

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