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Kiss me

We are not corny in #TheNowFamily (at least try not to be) but there are things we like a lot and we can not deny. Who does not like receiving and giving kisses?

On the occasion of International Kissing Day, we wanted to tell you why you feel so good being kissed and the benefits to health of them.

Tomorrow, April 13 is International Kissing Day, so prepare to kiss … Besa Mucho!

Celebrating this wonderful day came in 2011, when in Thailand, the couple formed by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat managed to beat the record for the longest kiss in history. 46 hours kissing.Themselves, again beat his own record in 2013: 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds … An example of endurance.

Beyond the anecdotes, the important thing (will try to get serious XD) kiss provides many benefits for both physical and emotional health. A demonstration of affection and love so natural, can do us much good to the whole family. Here we give you some examples ;)

To have babies, there must first be kissing

The kisses help us to know if we are with a compatible partner. (If we then realize that we kiss a toad or a frog … it is another story). The truth is that it is an instinctive act. A study from Oxford University suggests that this physical expression of romantic feelings help us evaluate the genetic quality of couples, increase the excitement and once paired, can be a way to maintain a relationship.

If you want to have babies … Kiss!

Kissing increases the bond between two people

Kissing joins the couple as it involves the three main types of attraction with humans: sexual attraction -manage by testosterone, the romantic love which is governed by dopamine and attachment which consists of products chemicals like oxytocin that promote union – .Therefore, kissing helps maintain a long-term partner.

Kissing increases the hormones of happiness

This is one of the statements of Andréa Demirjian , author of Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures: “If you feel stressed or rundown, kissing [..] is really the elixir you need to feel better, “says Demirjian. And that kisses help the production of hormones that make us feel better, such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin .

Kissing helps burn calories.

Another claim by the same author. Not many, but it’s something. And it is a very good excuse.

Kissing increases self-esteem.

A German study found that men who received a good kiss from their wives before going to work earning more money. “If he leaves his happy home, he is more productive at work because you do not feel emotionally distressed, so will earn more money,” Demirjian said. “Kissing has much to do with self-esteem and feel loved and connected.”

Kiss and show affection for the baby is positive for their emotional development.

To kiss and to hug the smallest of the house helps to calm them down, make them feel safe and, more importantly, helps develop their emotional intelligence.


The kiss in general (ie family and friends) is a sign of affection, which tells us that we are important to that person and, therefore, improves our self-esteem and sense of value, feeling loved and accepted. A kiss get us closer to the giver or the recipient and may even make us feel supported by him who gives it to us.

And you, who are about to kiss?

We will propose 5 kisses in the International Kissing Day must give:

1 Kiss your pet



2 Kiss your grandmother, grandfather or family to look after you and pamper you forever



3 A kiss to your coworkers (are the people you spend with more hours at per day)



4 A kiss to a stranger



5 Kiss your lover! 



“In a kiss, you’ll know everything I kept silence.”  Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), Chilean poet.



Many kisses #TheNowFamily


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