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Best technological presents for the whole family

This year we wanted to make a summary of good gifts for the whole #TheNowFamily. Santa Claus is already very close, with Rudolph and some of you have not decided to “ask” what they want.

Here we leave you the best technological ideas that will be valid for practically any member of the family (who knows how to speak and walk, of course.

1. Smartphone-proof tactile gloves.

It’s cold, we know, and we still can’t stop using our mobile phone. For this reason, something that is very good for the whole family is to have “at hand” (never better said) good gloves with tactile fingers, so that we don’t have to take them off and freeze our fingers.

We’ve been so cool, but on the next page you can see the best ones.

Guantes tecnologicos

2. A projector for smartphones

Another gift for everyone in the family is this great smartphone projector. It is built in a very simple way, so that even the young children of the family can collaborate in its assembly.

proyector smartphone 1

And then you only have to put the smartphone in its place and project on a white wall, or you can also look for a screen or panel for projections, is up to you and your choice and possibilities.

proyector smartphone 2

3. For the photographers at heart

Who says you can’t be a great photographer using your mobile phone? More and more smartphones are bringing better cameras, with optics that get closer to the quality of a reflex. That’s why there are many people who don’t use the classic cameras. With this type of removable 8-12X optical zoom lens you’ll get some exciting extra special effects. Taste it! And you’ll have a photographer by this Christmas.

zoom para smartphone

There are many models depending on the type of photographs and projects you have but one that we have loved is this one with built-in light filler.

lente con flash smartphone

4. A droid from a galaxy far away.

The new version of the remote-controlled cars is now called BB-8

bb8 manos libres

This wonderful toy will delight in the mornings and afternoons with the youngest of the house and, above all one thing is also assured: the older ones will also enjoy it. On the occasion of the premiere of the StarWars film: The Latest Jedi, the Disney factory with the help of technology company Sphero is once again launching a new version of its most curious and intrepid BB 8 robot. In this new version the child will be able to move the droid with the movements of his wrist thanks to the wireless joystick bracelet.

niño con bb8 wireless

Thus it will seem that everything is thanks to the Force… and it may be true;)

5. “Diamonds are girls’ best friends”

As Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are girls best friend” and that must have been Ringly’s thinking. They have created these great wearable jewellery pieces so that any woman can wear them without the appearance of wearing a Swiss cuckoo watch.


There are the rings but they have also created bracelets (like the smartbands) with exclusive designs that are sure to be a perfect gift for this Christmas.

6. For parents, the best digital thermometer

Welcome your home, or that of your friends to the ultimate thermometer. The one that easily connects to your mobile phone and transforms it into a high-tech thermometer. Use it to share your family members’ temperature, view graphs of children’s fever progression and much more! Check Oblumi’s website for more information!

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