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Christmas DIY for home

It’s time to decorate the house for Christmas. Traditionaly, Immaculate┬┤s day is the chosen moment in many countries for Christmas decoration.

This year we thought what better way to decorate the house than to do with objects created by your own hands. Of course, #TheNowFamily too. Nobody better than yourself with your taste and your little hands to make your house a magazine postcard.

And if you also have children at home, it is one of the best ideas to keep them entertained, learning to do new things and getting more motor skills. In addition, learning how to handle utensils such as scissors, glue, colors, etc. By creating a project themselves, they will learn to value what the effort and the time invested in the work entails.

So, cardboards, felt fabrics, ice cream sticks, crayons … you do not need a lot of materials. What you need is a lot of desire and enthusiasm to see the house decorated beautifully and with style. Here we go:

Snow globe for photos

With this DIY you will take your photographs to the next level. These “frames” of photos of Little Pink Monster, are perfect even as gifts for the grandparents who will thus always have a nice memory on the table. In addition, to the children will love to choose photos and decorate theirs.

photo christmas

Here you can follow the instructions

Stitched Cookie

Nothing is easier than reusing a box or piece of cardboard to create this beautiful ornament for the Christmas tree. Cut a round piece of cardboard with the scissors and then with the help of a punch you can open the holes through which to introduce the woolen thread. The colors may be the ones you choose. No one will have such a special decorative object.

biscuit for christmas

A Snowman for the Christmas tree

Creating a snowman without snow has never been so easy. Also with these two models we will contribute to the recycling of materials.

Not only will we have a decorative element in our tree made by ourselves, but if we also have space, we can have a large snowman inside our own house!


We leave the links so you can see everything that you need to do it:



Christmas balls

An element that can not miss in any prized Christmas tree are Christmas balls. Here we leave you a handmade one with paper that has seemed very nice and easy to do. Between children, the painters ones will enjoy making their own decoration for the Christmas tree.

christmas balls

So easy!

Clothespin for Christmas

Nothing is easier than using the clothespin we use to lay clothes, as a recyclable object.


These snowman face clothespins are very easy to do. In addition we can do them as we want, even to turn them into Santa Claus!

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