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Family, let’s move all together

We all know that exercise is great for our health but still resist to move a bit more and to commit to a daily activity.

Our everyday life is so different from what it used to be once when we had to fight for our food and to run from the tiger to save our lives. We mostly all the day sit in front of a computer. Today we have to force ourselves and remind about doing some exercise.

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But do you know why exercise is essential for our life? Did you know that we have to move not just for the sake of beauty and staying fit but as well for ensuring that we keep our brain prepared for a continuous learning? The way we think is connected to the way our neurones are connected to each other. A constant re-wiring between them, a sort of chat that we detect between neurones ensure that there are a constant communication and development to permit the flow of a growing mindset.

Exercise is directly influencing this wiring. The more often the activity between neurones, the stronger the attraction becomes. As with everything in life, the more we practice the better we become. The more we give to these neurones the perfect conditions, the more they will serve us. Dr. John J. Ratey in his book “Spark! How Exercise will improve the Performance of your Brain” talks about different experiences in this area. One specific experiment was done with a group of kids in the Naperville Central High School. Half asleep the kids were invited to exercise before their classes. The classes weren’t some traditional PE, they were called the Zero Hour PE, “…the latest in a long line of educational experiments conducted by a group of maverick physical education teachers who have turned the nineteen thousand students in Naperville District 203 into the fittest in the nation- and also some of the smartest.

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What was discovered impressed teachers and neuroscientists studying this field! The students working out in the morning worked better during the class and were more able to memorise what it was given. Also, the way of managing stressful situations were quite different. It became clearer and clearer that exercise provides an unparalleled stimulus, creating an environment in which the brain is ready, willing and able to learn. We invite you to read many other articles writen by Dr. John J. Ratey

And you know more? Exercise works as an antidote, it has a positive impact on your mood, attention, self-esteem and social skills. Everything we do and think and feel is governed by how our brain cells, or neurones, connect to each other. It’s all about communication of this hundred billion neurones we have. The junction between cell branches is called synapse and neurotransmitters are the ones sending the messages. Ok, we’ll stop here with the technical explanation but if we didn’t convince you to start exercise with your kids, we shall add that it will definitively make your life easier and introduce to you these little tricks to make it funnier!

1. Yes. It is possible and can be even fun. You can do these exercises as a way to distract your baby and to spend a very funny time.


2. Dance with your baby and sweat it out.

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3. Make any space a home gym. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, use those dead moments (like the ones in front of the tv) of the day to bring some energy into your day.

4. Community makes it easier! Commit to an everyday movement moment with your friends and your kids’ friends. Use ropes or anything else that could make it easier and less painful to practice.

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5. Walk the dog. Do you have a dog at home? Don’t argue on who shall walk with them in the morning or in the night. Use this time as your daily commintment towards exercise. Your brain will thank you.

Neuroplasticity is what is called the phenomena of our brain that can always grow and bring changes in your life. Stress? The more you have, the more you’ll need to exercise. The positive aspect? No medicine needed in this case. All you have to do is just take yourself for a daily walk.

The missing puzzle: motivation and time for busy mums and dads!

School time and all the extra activities as well as the homework, cooking, playing! Who has time to exercise? But would you introduce something in your life which might save you from many others wastes of money and energy? Put in practice these little tricks and work out with your little ones.

Schedule it and make it funny! It becomes a moment to share together and to make the team a part of a bigger challenge. Be it the playground or be it a quick run, make exercise a part of it. And rememeber the more you practice the better you become.

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