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Friends at work? Yes, it is possible!

Throughout life we have the opportunity to “taste” different kind of jobs, from the ones that we like more to the ones that we just HAVE to do. And, of course, we have to deal with different kind of people both professionally and personally. Entrepreneurs know very well what means to have a great team to work on their ideas to build a new business from scratch. Teaming up can be a challenge, because not everyone has the same way of working or solving problems.

However, the positives far outweigh the negatives. A person can learn a lot both professionally and personally when working in a team, improving the way he/she works. What this requires is an openness to new ideas without locking ourselves in old habits and ways of thinking. Sometimes it is easier and some of us require less effort than others.

As Fernando said (Product Manager at Oblumi) “This challenge in becoming part of a whole mechanism where others have expectations from you and need to achieve the common goal has always made me grow, mature, to improve myself professionally and even as a person. “

There are numerous techniques and methodologies to carry a team, but he believes “sometimes […] the work team methodologies have been developed to regulate power and control equipment mediocre and incapable work, because when the group is great everything else works well and it fits naturally following an working flow, and everything gets ready with a simple blackboard and great imagination. In these cases the experience to be lived is extraordinary, vital and is often the source of projects that shine. ”  Many times (if not most) projects transform into successful businesses because behind there is a true friendship.

On the occasion of the Friendship Day (July 30), Adecco, Argentina, dedicated a survey on friendship at work where 63% of respondents believed that working with friends improves the working environment, while 32% of them think it does not affect this.

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It is true that not everyone feels the same about the need to create friendships in the workplace. Some prefer to separate their workplace friendships but as Mariano R. says “it is crucial to get along with your team and maintain good personal relationships. If the relationship is healthy and positive, the daily work runs smoothly and in a better way withstand any ups and downs. ”

According to psychologist Ron Friedman says in an article published by Forbes: “Friendship is the most ignored factor when it comes to building a place of extraordinary work.” He himself claims to have friends at work says that this can contribute greatly to your ability to concentrate, deal with setbacks, improve their performance and salary.


Another study by professors at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Minnesota underlined the same advantages when working with friends getting better results. The reasons: those who were friends were more committed to the project from the beginning, they communicated better while working, and gave positive feedback to his teammates. If his colleagues did something wrong, they felt more comfortable offering critical comments and helping his companions to return to the task. They are becoming more confident in both directions, to say what we think positively and get the opinion of someone who is friend and (presumably) knew.


Without trust is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a good relationship.

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There is a concept that we often also escape when speaking of labor relations; that is trust. If friendship or no friendship in the workplace is a choice, trust in co-workers should be an obligation, because it is truly conducive to a good atmosphere and camaraderie among team members. However, confidence, as they say sayings grandparents, must be earned (and work it). And that for many people is hard work.

We do not count everything that happens to us or our concerns to the first exchange. There are things in our lives that only know our relatives, our friends in life, those who really know us. Therefore, one aspect in which lies the importance of friendship with colleagues is that “know about critical situations what happens to the companions, may allow understand some unexpected attitude, late arrival, or an unexpected expression, surely if we know that the time is happening is not good, help the rest not to be judgmental and to develop a collaborative spirit. “ and to achieve this, we must establish confidence in the other, passing through know each other and understand the personalities and circumstances of others. not all are equal.

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One of the most interesting aspects of teamwork is working with people with careers and completely different prospective from the one of our life journey. Seeing each situation we cross daily from different points of view can give us a more complete picture about the topic. There is nothing else more important than working with different people, where we can learn from all team members. When working with different profile, what is essential is our attitude. If we lock ourselves in our own ideas and we are not willing to change and improve, we’ll not enjoy working in a team. But if we have the right attitude, we can grow both personally and professionally. “(Jesus, Oblumi team)


We spend most of the day in our working place. Almost certainly we spend more hours with our coworkers than with our spouses, our children or our friends throughout life. So it’s good to see the team as parts of a body in which, if one fails, the body does not work.

“Colleagues at work are like the human body, each part moves independently but synchronously to achieving a goal. This “body” united, cries and laughs along, jumps, falls and rises along. The experience is as hard as amazing, is not simply to learn, is that what you learn to change you as a person. “(JJ. Flores, Hardware Manager Oblumi).

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#TheNowFamily Team wants to share with you these ten advantages of being friends with your coworkers

  1. It is more enjoyable. You are more at ease at work when you share it with people who have a warm and cordial relationship with you.
  2. Labor support. Peers will cover your back when you make a mistake. And when you have a problem, you lend a hand without hesitation.
  3. The extra-job support. You get to work angry or sad for your personal issues. Your peers listen to you and encourage you so you can fuel yourself with positive energy and start your day in a better way.
  4. Support for painful events. When you’re sick or you go through very difficult times, it is encouraging solidarity and generosity of your classmates.
  5. Your support. You work with people who care about you and that you also care about you. You can bring them a lot, both in labor and beyond.
  6. Less stress, being in a friendly and cooperative environment.
  7. More productivity, for the same reason.
  8. More creativity, as well. You’re more relaxed, which favours that your mind out interesting ideas. And, as the atmosphere is so good, these ideas improve and multiply when shared in a group.
  9. More freedom for everyone to say what they think; to warn a colleague about an error or to make a criticism.
  10. The shared purpose. You feel part of a team working for the same goals.


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