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Colours, tastes and moreover variety. Healthy food!

Colours, tastes and moreover variety.

In #TheNowFamily we talk about Healthy food. Good for you and for all your family.

From vegetarianism to orthorexie (and no, is not an illness!), bio, gluten free, vegan, flexitarism (semi-vegetarianism), raw, fruitism, miracle products, methods and diets to loose weight easily and quickly… Here you have, for any taste.

Oh, did you lose yourself with all these terms?

Terms, at the moment, you can read about them everywhere, in fashion magazines, in blogs and on social medias.  New vegan/vegetatian food restaurants are opened, apps are created to facilitate the research. You can find them everywhere!

Here in #TheNowFamily, we made a conscious choice, we eat healthy! Nothing special, no strange names. We choose to eat real food, with a great variety of them. As Juvenal Said “ Healthy mind in healthy body. As simple as it can be.

What do we have in our menu? Fruits, legums, healthy fats and lots of vitamins, colors and most of all a good dose of fun and positive energy.

Our team advices for a healthy way of living:

Take time to prepare your food:

Planning is essential here. It makes you save time and money, and avoiding stressful situation in the evening.  Your lifestyle together with the ones you life with is going to improve! Don’t forget fiber, essential for long-term energy: fruits, seeds, cereals, and aliments containing fiber! Your body is going to thank you! Trust us.

Oh… A #CheatMeal is permitted, of course! A meal full of good calories is good for your body and good for your mind.

Indeed, in a low calorie phase you lose weight but during the duration that stage, leptin (satiety hormone) sends a signal to the brain to keep fat and burn fewer calories. Therefore, doing a cheat meal, your brain will believe that you can burn calories and will restart again …

Stay active:

Need relieve stress or eliminate it? There is nothing better to sweat to empty the mind. You have everything you want: parks, sports halls, YouTube, sports coach, mobile applications … Many possibilities for all budgets. A well-known, ecological and economic advice: walk, which clarifies the mind. Play with your children, make excursions with the family and I live sporting feel!

hacer deporte


Water is the basis for a hydrated body and a brain full of energy. For the growth of their children, it is necessary that they are well hydrated so do not hesitate to add squeezed lemon juice or some kind of syrup to water. The best you can have at home can be lemonade.

Your kid can also be healthy!

Teach your children cook has a lot of pluses:

It is good for their education, for creativity and their health that is the main thing.

Well for your education? Yes, you will share their knowledge and moms and dads less “cocinitas” cooking with them will allow you to advance your culinary knowledge. Nothing better than a demanding to learn to cook new dishes child.

So they learn new things and recognize what is good to eat. Discover new flavors, see how food and how to cook are processed.

Cooking stimulates your taste and creativity …!

alimentos caras

Besides all this, it is an activity and a good time for the whole family. And besides, who has not had the pleasure of saying “This is a family recipe”? Give them this pleasure and think that they will cook in total autonomy, and will prepare delicious meals …

The result: laughter, memories, and the taste of some disasters and culinary inventions. By teaching a child how to cook and taste fresh food, your child will be less attracted to fast food, you have a healthy diet of mainly natural and be more likely to enjoy excellent health.

Do not hesitate to share your photos with your mini- chefs!

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