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Your heart is the first thing. International Heart Day

The goal of this blog is to share news and advises for a better healthy living. Things that we, from #TheNowFamily, find interesting and useful for our community. On this time of the year around the world are celebrated different specific days to promote a healthy life. Among these, the Heart Day, the Breast Cancer. Today, we’ll talk about the first one.

The World Heart Day is an annual event which takes place on 29 September every year. Each year’s celebrations have a different theme, reflecting key issues and topics relating to heart health. The World Heart Federation is the organisation founded to encourage the spread of this movement that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

 No, we will not talk about the newest diet with no carbs, no fats, and no sugar in it! No.. We want to encourage you and take care of your lovely heart. As it can be hurt easily of love (from here the phrase “broken heart”)  it can be hurt from not really caring about how we treat it.

 We encourage you to change your vision towards health, food, and exercise and give a try to a new lifestyle. Every step you take, by walking or playing with your kid will help you improve your health and the cardiovascular transit… No, you don’t have to know all the complex definitions of saturated fats, trans fats, bad or good cholesterol (yes, if you need to keep your Diabetes or cholesterol under control and your doctor suggested you medicines, you should informed as much as you need, but is not this the purpose of this post).


But, yes, you have to be curious about real food, the one which grows naturally and can be found in its raw form. The best way is to get creative in the kitchen and play with new ingredients. There is nothing better than to experience a new version of a hummus recipe or try that new vegan restaurant in the city. Try a new exotic fruit or have a trip to your local food market.

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Curiosity is the key to any success, as perseverance does too. Schedule before and stick to a habit. As we were talking in our previous article, getting a bit of exercise in your daily life is key not just to your physical health but also for your psychical one. Your body and mind will thank you from the bottom of their “heart”!

There is nothing more precious than our health. Without it we cannot take care of our loved ones, we cannot achieve our dreams and cannot enjoy the beauty of this world. Our health is just one and a special treatment should be given to it.

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Prevention is better than cure

And always remember, prevention is better than cure. Fortunately, many of the most common cardiovascular diseases are preventable. We should simply change certain bad habits we have.

Good habits are what make the possible future of what will happen to our body. Related to good habits we advise you a good reading for the month of October: The power of habit by Charles Duhigg.

Do you want to contribute to researchers in this area? Do you have a friend, familiar or yourself are suffering from a cardiovascular disease? Take action  is the slogan of the World Heart Federation. We invite you to navigate to their page and find a cause that inspires you.

 Take part…

Walks, runs, sporting events, concerts, public talks and screenings… all sorts of activities will be organized by members and partners of the World Heart Federation, and individuals across the world to mark World Heart Day.

Find out about events and activities that are happening in your local area by taking a look at our Worldwide activities interactive map.

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