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Dear mums and dads, uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers, and you, you, the eternal lovely grandparents, how have you been during these first days of vacation? Spending all the day with your kids/nephews/nieces etc. it might be sometimes stressful, even if we love them so, so much! Do you miss the lovely teachers from the school? Those who during the year made your life difficult? In #TheNowFamily we know exactly what means to have to deal with your kids each day and find activities to distract them… You have all the rights to feel frustrated, but vacations are a period of the year to live in a funny way both for you and your kids!

Typically, the kids’ holidays are never the same as those of parents’ ones. “Reconciliation” is a word that we like a lot but it is still a sweet dream … Don’t you think?

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Some of the solutions for those days when you follow with your daily program 9-5 and cannot take you kids to the office can be the playing centers and the summer camps. These are often a lengthening of the school term. There is no different choice when you have no big family to count on. But what happens when for economic reasons you cannot opt for a super camping? Do not despair, money is not everything and we prefer to see the positive side of the situation. In addition, you have children, no trolls (although there are times that are similar) and, being yours, possibly between teachers, grandparents and caregivers spend more hours with them than you.

The secret lies in the organization. An organized person is half way to success. They are kids in their most important development process, so they need lots of activities to be entertained.

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In our previous article DIY, #TheNowFamily give you 10 simple advices that you can easily recreate in your house, with your kids. Yes, we had solution for rainy afternoons, as well. For all those situation when they might say “Mummy, what can I do now?” we give you the answer!

But, if you have too many ideas and very little time to do them, here we have practical advices. Let us be your personal coach in attitude and changing your mindset.

  1. Positive attitude from time 0. Which means no time for the habitual ways of thinking: “I have no time to do all of this”, “I am a mess”, “We’ll never get in time to the party”. If you prepare the luggage for the next holiday make part of the process all of the members of the family. Everybody has to have a role and be responsible for it. It will be easier for you and they will get on the go education.
  2. Prevention is better than cure, say Romanian doctors. And, your vacation luggage is an essential one. Check these 50 packing tips for a better organisation of it. Never forget the essential things: thermometer, bandages, cotton and moreover analgesics, anti-diarrheal, mosquito repellent, cream bites, sunscreen, etc. Maybe this is not everything that you’ll need but is better to have all of them. Life is unpredictable even if you’d like it!
  3. It is forbidden to get angry! This is what studies show us when talking about emotional intelligence. Managing your emotions is the best you can do. Before getting out of your home, make sure to define the rules.  No fights, no bad surprises.
  4. “The number you are calling is out of service”. Yes, you’ve read well. And no excuses, no important calls to wait for… Put your smartphone into Airplane mode. The company can even lose it “without realizing it”. Nothing emails, WhatsApps, or other connection. You have to enjoy it! It’s your well-deserved time off! Surely the rest of the family will appreciate this gesture.. Of course, in return, the console will also stay at home.

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  1. Everyone can give a hand. If your holiday destination is a second home or a rented apartment, do not assume in doing all the work. Distributes tasks depending on the age of your children. Setting the table, making the bed or going for the bread, are some of the tasks that can be done by your children and you’ll kill two birds in one stone.
  2. “Mom … I’m bored”! The most dreaded phrase because it means that there is a high risk of starting a fight between brothers or the so-hated annoying moments. We’ve already given some suggestions and solutions to make it easy to handle these moments. But, during a vacation find activities to do in the area: rent a bike, attend a session of outdoor cinema, play paddle ball on the beach, look for shells in the sand, fly a kite … any outdoor activity can be funny and it is a good idea to participate all together. Playing together gives a greater connection to the family, which should be the goal of the vacation, anyway. To spend quality time together and have fun!
  3. Tonight, just you and me. It’s an essential point. You have to spend time with your couple without your children. It is a must! Find a way to have a night together or anything else but go out alone. Reserve a table in a romantic restaurant and find out what are the fashion terraces for a drink later in the night. Dining out as you used to do in old days will fill you with positive energy

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  1. “Do not disturb”. Read a good book on the terrace, take a nap under a tree, a leisurely swim or a long walk … Anything that could give you the possibility to spend some time alone. Nobody is allowed, no partner, neither your children. This is your moment. Enjoy it.
  1. Like when you were a small little girl. Remember when you were playing with the waves, you walked through puddles bicycle, or hands were getting into the cookie dough? Retakes that positive and optimistic attitude, enjoy the little things and laugh out loud.
  2. Make place for the positive energy in your suitcase to take back home. If during the holidays you’ve had a good time and have been able to see things from a more positive point of view, why don’t you take that attitude back home? Emotions spread so try to smile more. You’ll see people smile you back!
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