Working in summer is not easy. It is not easy ever, to be honest. Especially when the job we have is not the best in the world, it doesn’t make you happy, things are not going well or … just would rather be rich and be lying on the couch all the day, or even better lie on the beach every day of the year . But that, dear #TheNowFamily friends is not true for everyone and there are those who, even though are rich, would not stop working or, rather, inventing…

In #TheNowFamily we know a bit about the meaning of words like invention, creativity and, above all, passion. Without these meaningful words would not have arisen OBLUMI. In today’s post we talk about us, the #OblumiTeam and what does the word passion mean for us.

” Passion.

I live to be happy

I’m happy because I create

I create to earn money

I earn money to live. “(JJ. Flores)

It is said that he who shares  gets the best part. Sharing makes you rich. The truth is that, today, it would not be possible to even write these words if it were not for those 4 people who decided to share what they knew to the world in general, without individualism, without looking beyond the fact of wanting to learn of others sharing the same, what one knows or, perhaps, what you think you know.

Normally, if we’re lucky, we have the job we always wanted, the one we dreamt since we were children. But there are times that even having the job of our dreams, we are not happy. So where is the problem? Where is the mistake? The main problem people have is that they don’t don’t have clear what they need for living joyful, or don’t have clear goals, so they misunderstand the concept of living the life of their dreams.

Even though we might believe we do what we want, we’ve accepted the easiest way, the one of the conformism. All those crazy ideas we had in childhood and youth have been stored in a box, in the same where we keep all the things we loved to do and that adulthood routine made us forget about.

Our passions belong to the most intimate part of ourselves, and talking about them, sharing them with others, makes others learn more about us and with us.

Why sharing makes you richer? Because by doing so you learn. And if what you share is a passion, your highest knowledge on a topic it means that this is the best possible knowledge one might have on the subject.

Our colleague Flores shared his knowledge and passion with the team: CREATE. From a simple idea it was created not just a product, but also a company, friendship and a great team where to share knowledge (even those who do not want to know, because there is no need; P)

The “inventor” of the Oblumi thermometer says:

“What to create? Does it matter? Creation is an art in itself that attracts me in all its aspects, whether is a song, an electronic circuit or a bicycle. It is an indescribable feeling, to see where once was a piano now a song was created!! And where there was a lot of tubes, now you have the bike of your dreams!! Or as simply as it might sound, where there was a white paper now these is  your kid’s drawn.”


That “passion for enjoying life to the fullest” is what converts “a job into a hobby where moreover they pay you!” (JJ.Flores, Oblumi’s Hardware Manager).

To make and create things is indicative of a entrepreneurial soul even if you might not even realise it. A passion as simple or complicated it might seem, it is an attitude, an aspiration or an activity having it, to which you cannot give up, because you might feel that something is missing in your life.

Someone says that he does not understand how others can be bored. And, in reality there is always something to learn, you can always have another activity to enjoy, another game to play, another book to read…There are many things to do, what are missing are the hours during the day to do all of them.

Our friend Jesus between the boxes, orders and logistics problems has the passion of learning new languages “not as a goal in itself, but as a gateway to knowing other cultures, other ways of thinking and other points of view. I’m starting to study Arabic and it is fascinating to learn about a world that, in so many ways, is so far from the West.

The passions are what should motivate us to work, to not waste our time, but to invest in it or, as one of our colleagues say, to live it. Some are perfectly clear about what they love doing in their free time from since they were small, as our colleague Fernando:

At 10 I was fascinated by the magic that came with my first personal computer and since then my path has always been strongly linked to ones and zeros. I love to create on the infinite canvas that provides a computer program, shape, optimize, overcome boundaries, innovate, acquire knowledge and occasionally beating the machine. I have worked with many technologies, better and worse, but since I remember I always had some personal project, developed with the same doses of passion, fun and sacrifice, either it was a video game, an emulator, a development engine, a virtual reality environment, or an app to link a smartphones to a thermometer … To see the results of each of these projects I created with my own hands gives me a level of satisfaction unexplainable. I think I’m definitely addicted to that feeling. I am definitively a junkie digital creation.



Our dear Fernando is also a music and guitars lover. He says: “I love listening to good music, classical, jazz, blues, rock and roll or symphonic rock. And playing electric guitar, with good strong amp. I am fascinated by the beauty and brightness of the Stratocaster and the strength of the Les Paul. And I love reading, I consume books, good stories. I think I could attribute a novel to each important moment of my life. And let’s not forget about comics. I’m also comics lover, such as Tintin, Spiderman, The Mercenary, Thorgal, Manara and its Click and, why not, the Mortadelos which are already part of me.

 Of course I enjoy traveling, having good food, good wine, a great laughter with friends, the warmth of my family or viewing a good movie or series. The best is that I still have pending Interstellar, Blade Runner to watch ten or twenty times throughout my life jet! Lucky me!” He also share the passion for music and aviation with his partner and friend Flores, “the art of flying and the beauty of flying machines. To take off and see how everything around you is becoming smaller and smaller”.

To see them both in action it is a true pleasure …!!!

flores fer

On the other side, there are passions to be fulfilled as our companion Mariano’s ones: “I am passionate about the idea of losing myself one day around the world, with some interesting project in any developing region of the world where I can contribute and help at the same time to be enriched by such experiences. “ Another exciting way to live and invest time. As our colleague Elena, whose wanderlust has taken her to know and to live in different cultures and different countries such as India, Italy and Cuba.

Post photo Elena

“In my childhood I had the opportunity to move to a new country and thereby build a new life from scratch. And the most important thing for me was always to stay curious about the different ways there are of doing things, about traditions, smells, meals … Thanks to this curiosity came into my life the passion for writing mainly about the experiences in my day to day life. “(Elena Manole)

The life  experiences are, many times, the ones that make us excited and be passionate about something in specific. For Ana our CEO for example, things that lived and lives through their work, are what make you feel passion for life.

“My passion? The first thing that comes to my mind are my children but, is that a passion? I think not, that’s love, something much deeper and timeless.

Ana y niños

I am intense, passionate at work, I dedicate body and soul to projects and this sometimes affects my friends and family. I do not think it is a virtue, but I would love to arrive at home and push an off button, but that’s more difficult.

The work has given me great satisfaction, new challenges are pure adrenaline and I enjoy learning every day. Surrounding myself with a good team forces me to give the best of myself. This makes me feel alive, something to be passionate about. “

Many of us seem to be already born with dreams to fulfill, with passions and desires that determine the path of their life. Others, however, after having discovered several other exciting experiences grounds on which to invest their time no matter what the changeover way or perspective, or age. Sometimes it seems that we make plans for something and suddenly something else moves us away. As tells Miguel Angel Martin ( Oblumi’s Software Manager):

“As a child I always wanted to be a footballer. In fact, I even have been training in Betis, the team of my dreams, but thankfully I did not follow my football career and I’ve started thinking that there were other ways to have fun. There was a time in my life where I dedicated myself to music and even to painting being influenced by my father who played in a rock band. Also I am a Van Gogh and Amedeo Modigliani lover .

Since I was in a young age I’ve been always fascinated about creating things from scratch. Since I got my first computer I enjoyed the multimedia world, both photography and video. Currently, I have the opportunity to travel a lot and this became my passion, combining it with photography and video. Not only I love to see new places, but also to soak into different cultures and knowing people from each place. Traveling opens your mind and makes you more flexible for the world in which you live. When I travel, I enjoy take picture of local people and everything that makes it different from any other place. “

If you are reading this article you may think that “your age also influences your life, I can no longer do what I want, I have kids” or “I can not quit my job even though it makes doesn’t make me happy.” But perhaps we are the ones to put the limits. You might be passionate about new things or just put passion into breaking those limits. Carla, our chatty Oblumi Frenchwoman, has the passion for the sport where she can break her own limits.

 “It’s something exciting to do, good for my health and mind. Moreover, it gives me an incredible feeling of overcoming my fears. Yes, deciding to do something scary is scary itself but overcoming the fear is absolutely sensational. We tend not to believe in ourselves, so challenges give me more self- confidence and makes me feel more alive. Because yes, this is the main purpose of life: to live, to feel alive. We were offered this opportunity so we must seize every moment to the fullest.” A great lesson ;)

This article began by asking the big question to the Oblumi team: “What are you passioned about? #ShareYourPassion! I asked the question (me, Cristina, the one usually writing here) without knowing clearly to define those which were really mine, my passions. And after reading and re-reading, writing and rewriting the words of my colleagues, I realized that my greatest treasures and passions can be defined by a pencil and paper. I have filing cabinets full of lyrics to which I’ve been  creating music using my voice (known as beatbox now) and as many notebooks full of stories and experiences that tell what someday I hope it will become a novel (but printed please, I love the smell of printed books). Also with the penciled I could draw, paint and capture the smiles of the people I love most and giving them the most personal gifts.

My passion is communication and everything that is, but not only talking and listening but everything which can communicate. I have a passion for logos, advertising, brands but far from their consumerist vision. I love the art of creating a story, a symbol with meaning, to transmit and communicate something. And I like art in the form of a flamenco show, a Murillo’s painting, a song of any kind, a good ad, a photo, a movie … or words. I love the Spanish language and the world languages, including signs language. I find it fascinating how cultures are transmitted, how imagination and travel that can live through the letters are active. Words are that wonderful art for the blind can see and the deaf and dumb can speak.

In addition, thanks to a pencil and paper we can share everything we know, the most beautiful messages, the best knowledge, the most amazing experiences … And we also know better than anyone, everything and everyone around us. So now you know what to do, grab a pen and paper and tell us, your #TheNowFamily what are you passionate about?

Signed by: #OblumiTeam

Happy summer to all!

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