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Does technology affect our children’s development?

Until some years ago, we thought that television was the diabolical object in our house that separated family, the one which made communication be of low quality or even absent or of low quality… Today, this evil figure (or good one depending on your approach) is the Smartphone, full of all kind of Apps with which one can waste or spend his/her time. But like everything in life, it depends on the use we give to things, in order to classify them as good or bad. 

The fact is that technology makes life easier and we cannot deny it anymore. According to the official concept of technology (source Wikipedia), this the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services that facilitate the adaptation to the environment, with a meaningful result of satisfying the essential needs and desires of humanity.

Technological advances have made human life more enjoyable by providing the necessary facilities for the daily work and spear time experience.

This week Oblumi team is traveling to Germany, where we’ll attend the IFA event (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin). The German capital will bring together technology companies (such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc) with the latest developments, design and innovation of consumer electronics. An important role will play those Start-ups which like Oblumi made a step forward in the Internet of Things sector. Tablets, smartphones, wearables, household robots, devices, gadgets, etc., all that technology can offer customers a great look to the future year and what to expect.

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Technology has changed the ways we interact with each other, the way of relating even in the family, especially with our children. “The influence of technology in the family dynamics is remarkable: it affects relationships with the children and other members.” said Daniel Zalazar, a specialist in mass psychology. But it should be said that the variety of electronic devices used in the house are just a tool of highlighting a family’s values. For example,  if there is a good level of communication in a family, technology will serve to enhance the positive aspect of the family. However, on the other hand, if there is not a good relationship between members, technology can distance them even more, as it tends to favor the isolation and individualism.

We have to admit that technology and consumer electronic devices help and simplify the lives in many areas of our life. It is enough to think of all the evolution made in the medical area and the solutions we now have that in the past were not possible to achieve. In today’s family for example, where mother and father work, grandparents are more active and they need to communicate with parents working. So do single moms and dads who need to communicate about the situation of their children. In a world which is frenetic and everything is always in a rush, having something handy which gives you the possibility to find the fastest solutions to harmonize the workplace, home, relationships and even individual time offering saving time, money and effort.

If some years ago the limits of a home were the walls, today, thanks to the smartphone, these are overcome in order to reach new areas. Everything (and everyone) goes with you, even if it might be just virtually. We carry the voice of our loved ones thanks to apps such as Whatsapp, easy to connect and speak through FaceTime or Skype. We keep pictures of our loved ones when we travel the world; we pay just with our email address thanks to Paypal, design things and plan inspiring projects in apps such as Trello. We watch tutorials on Youtube and learn how to solve our children’s school problems, we keep the medical history and measure the temperature of our kids with the smartphone, thanks to the little device, which is Oblumi tapp.

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However, as mentioned before, it all depends on the use we give to technology. So, if your little ones like to read a bedtime story, the tablet can become a great tool to do so, if, in addition to reading, it can be added some interacting videos or drawing

We should not foolish ourselves, every single second the technology is advancing and it is increasing all aspects of our lives. Therefore, we must learn to seize it and make the best of it.


So, here are some things to do with technology in family

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Promote coexistence

Video games are many and can be harmful, but if we wisely use those which can be educative and make spending time together pleasurable need more than one player and had fun with our little ones … isn’t it fun?

Sharing time together

How many times do you stand in front of the computer and you get to watch videos of how to build a helicopter or about the Pompeii ruins or anything else, LONELY? Try sharing this time with yours. There are videos for all tastes and for all ages. Sharing this knowledge and fun with children and so learn to appreciate the time they spend with you that having the latest model mobile.

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Learning together

And don’t think about it as a slogan. In #TheNowFamily we like experiments and everything you can do by yourself. There are thousands of videos of experiments, DIY and cooking recipes easy to make with children. Learn and enjoy it with your family.

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In any case, whatever comes to market home technologies, we make any electronic device or appliance that comes into our lives, not distance us from those who want and that we continue to prefer a conversation in person before a WhatsApp chat.

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