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Surviving to the Carnival Party. Yes, It is possible!

“When a child plays, he enters a dreamy world, who bursts into the breakdown of his imagination, driven by the magic of wonder. From his room, out of nothing, he invents everything. “(The Creator, Tino Tovar, “Comparsa” Cadiz Carnival)
With this introduction, from last year Carnival of Cadiz, we wanted to start this article as it is approaching one of the most celebrated international festivals. The Carnival, from Italy to Brazil, passing through Germany, Argentina and all South America and, of course, Spain, is one of the most popular parties in the world, loved especially by kids.

Children use to enjoy parties that are celebrated to bring joy, color and performance to the cold and gray winter. But, of course, with the winter and the cold weather, it also comes  the not so funny part of viruses, colds, fevers and other discomforts of this month. In order not to take away the illusion of this party, with its costumes and the confetti and that you (oh poor of you daddy-mummy) do not die in the attempt, we leave you some advices to properly survive to the carnival.

1. Use your creativity you use as a survivor parent.

Nature has given it to you, it is innate in you. It comes along the way, when you have children, so try to find it. Disguises are not a martyrdom. Repeat it every day. You just have to use creativity to adapt to the environment.

2. Reuse clothes (or anything) you have at home.

We are in a bio era, where the environment has a fundamental role, so stop buying more things and reuse what you already have. Everything works: clothes, pans, old fabrics …

batman y blancanieves
3. If you do not have time, your little ones for sure do.

They are accustomed to being surrounded by glues, scissors, tempera and all kinds of cuts and materials. Try to make them disguise and take advantage … Do you remember those curtains you hate and want to remove from the house? Let them play with these so creative disguise could come up. You will enjoy seeing how it does not matter if it fits badly or if its composition does not make sense, it is yours, they have done it and they will feel more than proud.

emojis disfraz

4. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol can also be part of the disguise.

Who has not disguised himself as a doctor? Of course, if your child is sick, going from doctor can be a bit ironic.
If at the same time that you are preparing the super crown of Indio comanche with rubber-eva pens, you have the thermometer and ibuprofen next to you, you can try changing your costume XD. Maybe you save work because you have everything handy for your son. Be a worthy family doctor at the school party (if he can survive the virus and manage to go). Think about it: the white coat (we always have a white coat or someone who has it and charitably lends it to us), a folder with papers written in a doctor’s hand, a pen, a surgeon’s bonnet (or fabric with nudes that we make in just two seconds) And the empty boxes of paracetamol and ibuprofen. If you add that you can borrow the thermometer (Obumi tapp for example) the costume can be precious.

5. Patience is the mother of all sciences.

We always say it but … there is no other. Even if you do not like these parties, we know that for our son we do everything. You will be happy and these kinds of activities are done to reinforce a little more time spent with them, which is becoming less. Positivity above all, let’s celebrate the Carnival!mimos
Here you also have some ideas in case despair clouds your creativity, but cheer you up!

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