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#MumYouRock Contest – Because a mum needs a cup of coffee…

At #TheNowFamily we want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift wich we believe that all mothers use more than once a day: the #MumYouRock’s cup by Oblumi .

In addition, the gift includes an Oblumi Tapp* (Conditions at the end)


Día bicicleta

Pregnancy and bicycle = a good team! Bicycle World Day

Are you pregnant? Do you love sports and you do not know  do not know what can you do?

Since today we celebrate World Bicycle Day we want to support those future moms who do not want to leave aside their exercises and sports activity during their pregnancy.

When a woman practices a sport on a regular basis, can she goes on her training during pregnancy? At first, yes, unless it is a risky practice or there is a problem in pregnancy. A good example is women who enjoy running and continue to do so during pregnancy. They should only modify their routine a little, not to exhaust themselves, and leave it in the last months, since the volume of the belly is too big and the fact that there is more risk of strains by the relaxation of the ligaments.


el kamasutra de los besos portada

Kamasutra Kisses. Let´s kiss!

It is not that we have gone crazy. It just happens that we are almost always talking about children, babies, if they cry, if they are bad, “Mom I don´t want to go to school”, “Daddy I don´t  want to eat lentils” … And about everything related with the amazing life in parenthood … But for that there are children in the world everything begins (or should begin) with a good kiss!


Papa dad son hijo

Man, today is your day, Dad!

Yes, there is a day for everything. Possibly, even for the most absurd things we could thought. But today is the day for all those who, being parents or not, are there helping, collaborating, defending and betting for  the little geniuses of the future who are children, have a better world to live.


woman 8 march

Woman, today you don´t have anything to celebrate

We feel so blunt with the title but it’s the truth. #TheNowFamily men and women who, today, March 8th, is not a day of celebration because, unfortunately, you can not make a party of something or something that has not been achieved and that is still a scourge in society .


portada sexo por placer

Understanding sexual pleasure

thinking about the title of this post, in our head are raising an enormous quantity of questions” “But, shall we really talk about sex?” Is not something that “almost” all of us are doing? But, “Why do we need it?” Why, if we are having a break from it, we turn ourselves on, easier than when having it frequently? We even can have erotic dreams with our partner? Is sex the same even after having a baby?”

WhyWhy.. Why … Yes, all these questions and even more will be answered in this following lines. You might think,”Yes, sure, as if these might be the simplest questions one can answer! I have a life living with these doubts and still didn’t find an answer. Now, you’ll give me the answer.. Yes, sure… “. Be ready to be surprise… Yes, yes, yes… Be ready… This is #TheNowFamily :)

To follow the conversation we’ve started we:

Welcome you to the wonderful world of sex!

Zzzzzzzzzzzz … Hey! Knock Knock! Have you fallen asleep already?! (more…)

Antibioticos buenos malos

Antibiotics yes or not? Natural antibiotics, the other option

We are in that time of the year when we end up being “friends” of handkerchiefs, snores, cries of pain and discomforts and we have to have a medicine cabinet that neither the navy can compete with.

Getting a cold is always annoying, most of all if it requires us, the elder, to stay at home and have to REST! Seeing our child suffering is even more annoying if not hear-breaking.

In moments of despair, when pediatrician does not prescribe us anything more than painkillers, we ask ourselves the same question: when will he prescribe us antibiotics?


propósitos 2017

Let’s reinvent New Year Resolution

With the arrival of the new year we all get caught up in the wave of New Year Resolutions, which is more risky and challenging than the rules of physics …

Long queues in the gyms, full of people who, let’s say the truth, already paid last year in full with the hope that they would go “at least 2 days a week” and in the end went a week in a whole year (some or even that). (more…)

Reyes magos portada

Traditions on Epiphany day around the world

If you are not from Spain probably you don’t used to write a letter to Magi (Reyes Magos). The world is divided into 2 parts, those who receive gifts from Santa Claus on the night from 24th to 25th of December and those who patiently wait for the Reyes Magos on the night from 5th to 6th of January. This feast is also known as the “Festival of the three Magi” – “Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Magos”


Ohana English

Best Christmas movies to watch these winter holidays

These days when we have our children at home, the Christmas decorations, waiting for Santa Claus to come to town, it is really hard to keep our little ones calm and quiet. These are the perfect moments to watch all together a nice movie to enjoy together and relax in the sofa. The time to digest all the Christmas food and prepare for the New Year’s Eve party!

Here you can find a fun list of movies that will make you smile, make you drop tears of emotion and give you moments of serenity with your beloved family. Get ready to relax, because you’re about to spend a wonderful time watching these movies! (more…)