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portada 2 cancer mama 2017

The positive attitude against cancer begins by touching yourself.


Much has been written, much has been written and will continue to be written. Cancer is a disease that unfortunately is with us. We all have someone close to us who suffers from it. Today we are talking about Breast Cancer, of which 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. It is the most common tumor among women – and up to 30 percent of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will eventually develop metastatic disease.

With this data we can get an idea that some of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. What’s scary to think about?


portada multiculturalidad

October 12th: multiculturalism that breaks borders.

Many are the readings taken on October 12th. The main reason why this day is important is because Christopher Columbus discovered two continents. It is true that what came later (by the very nature of the human being), were more discoveries, colonizations and several clashes between cultures.

But perhaps what we don’t realize is that we must learn from mistakes. And just as a child learns to walk on the basis of falls, those frontal clashes between cultures of the so-called “new world” made us what we are today.


Portada abuelos

The importance of grandparents in the family

Some people say that whoever has a friend has a treasure. For us and for you, we suppose that this treasure would also be the grandparents.

There are many who talk about them, the help they mean for parents in these times when conciliation is a precious word that designates a chimera. But, what are they for children? What do grandparents mean to children?




When we look for the definition of PEACE we usually find it next to a meaning in which its opposite word is mentioned: war. It is customary to define peace as “a time of No War”. In other words, the elderly, the adults, we define peace as all that time in which we are calm, without wars, without arguments, without “meddling” with anyone or that nobody “meddles” with us. That time when we don’t hit or beat each other. We don’t fight, we don’t scream… we’re in peace.


lagrimas san lorenzo niños

Perseid Meteor Shower with children

On the night of 11 to 12 August the stars fall from the sky. The night of Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the most magic nights in which you can ask for more wishes per minute. The tears of Saint Lawrence (as it is called in Europeans countries as Spain) fall to an average of 150 meteors per hour, so  you have more possibilities to ask for wishes than on any night of the year.


portada cosas para la playa


There is always a first time for everyone, including how to bring children to the sea, making for a thousand doubts and fears, especially if the baby’s age is only few months.


portada #oblumitravel

The summer´s contest has come back. #OblumiTravel begin again.

Here we are again! Yes, why not? #OblumiTravel Contest!

Last year we wanted to share with you our vacations, our journeys in holidays. And here we are again. This year summer has come a little bit earlier, so we want to begin right now, in July.


portada viajar con niños

Top Holidays Destinations With Children

Holidays are near, sea or mountain? This is the most common question among all #TheNowFamily. That’s why we give you a list of 4 places next to the sea and 4 of mountain, all of them uncommon that surely you will like. And, if the wallet allows it, you could also try to do a week in the mountains and another in the sea in order to put everyone in agreement :D



Grandparents 2.0

On Twitter we could read this sentence: “If you could design the future, it would be with more libraries and less Wikipedia, with more grandparents and less social networks”

But is a world drawn with more grandparents and the same social networks so bad?


portada cosas bolsa bebe

10 things that cannot miss in your Baby Diaper Bag

It doesn’t matter if it is a fashionable blue a pois bag or just a black bag where you through things there on your way to the daily walk. Being prepared to anything when out with the baby is essential. Would you want for your baby to scream and you not having the water with you? Or the tissues?

So, let’s dive in and see what is essential to have in our Baby Changing Bag. We asked our beloved mums, did surveys and here is the list of the 10 things that CANNOT miss in your changing bag. Take a paper and a pen (or your phone’s notes app) and do not miss one next time. (more…)