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Carnival de venecia

The meaning of carnival for children

This year’s masked season has been brought forward early in the calendar. Although there are many ways to experience it, carnival is almost always one of the funniest times and festivals around the world.

And also, although many people think that this is not the case, the origin of this celebration is mainly associated with Catholicism and with Eastern Orthodox Christians.


entrevista david calle docente

David Calle and technology, or how to be an Unicoos teacher.

Remember who taught you how to write? And to read? And to add or multiply with a little song that you still sing today to remember how much is 9×6?

We all have a face to mind, a person who, with his commitment every day, managed to get us into the mollera one of the best treasures we can have: KNOWLEDGE.

Today is their day, the day of all teachers, of all TEACHERS.


portada democracia

Democracy: How do we explain it to children

There are some difficult topics to explain, even more when it comes to explaining it to children. A few days ago we were celebrating the International Day of Solidarity, one of the main values that humanity must have, and which, together with democracy, make a peaceful life possible.

If we talk about democracy, we are dealing with one of those abstract concepts that we cannot explain to adults or children. Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand.


portada dia fotografía

Photography for children. Improving their creativity. World Photography Day

Thanks to advances in technology, the world of photography is now even closer to everyone’s reach.

Digital photography has made it easier to have simple equipment that we can all handle, and this includes children.

But how do you introduce children to the world of photography? Today, mobile phones (smartphones) bring cameras with some qualities, which not even the SLR cameras of 5 years ago brought. That is why photography is available to everyone, adults and children, with many possibilities. But first, perhaps it is better to start by knowing what photography is.


familia salati

Learning to live by travelling. The Salati Family: travelling the sea.

It has been told that when we travel, is when we really know each other, when we really look in ourselves.

Perhaps a deeper vision is the one that Miguel de Unamuno had when he affirmed that “We travel not to look for the destiny but to flee from where we leave”. This view is perhaps more similar to the concept of the family we are interviewing today, the Salati family.


portada mum you rock blogueras

Being a mum: a challenge or a funny adventure? #MumYouRock

 Ok, not everybody will agree, but being a mom is the most difficult challenge a woman can go through their life you. Yes, yes, laugh at algebra, neperian logarithms and quantum physics.

Whether you are already a mom if you are a mom-to-be, if you think to become in the future or if you are a great auntie, this article is dedicated to you. Woman.


portada familia completa thenowfamily

Zapp´s Family: 17 years journey. 4 children. Love hasn´t a specific place.

“The World will always be there for you. But you will not always be in the world. Time passes and there is nothing that can be done. The only thing is not to let your life go as well. “

Anyone who has fallen in love at least twice in their lives knows that every story is likely to be different and unique, but today we have changed our way of approaching a partner. But love is a complex force and as such, sometimes it offers film scripts.

This is exactly the case with Herman and Candelaria Zapp who in 2000 decided that their life would be like a movie … a film in which the journey would have been the protagonist. An on-the-road trip aboard a 1928 Graham-Paige.


portada ciclogreen

If I pay you, would you move? Interviewing Ciclogreen, new app pays your workout

We want to celebrate World Health Day, dedicating it to one of our favorite way of transport and, perhaps, the healthiest one: the bicycle. And about Ciclogreen, a new company that pays you for using the 2 wheels way of transport.


portada eva luna

“There is no better company than those who make you love life, and those are our autistic children” (Eva Luna)

“I am Capable” was the motto that last year served us to start talking about #TheNowFamily about Autism.

The next day April 2 is celebrated World Autism Day and, since this year we have a little more knowledge, we wanted to have the advice and experience of those who know more, mothers and fathers. In this case, a mother, a fighter as few as I dare say, Eva Luna.


woman 8 march

Woman, today you don´t have anything to celebrate

We feel so blunt with the title but it’s the truth. #TheNowFamily men and women who, today, March 8th, is not a day of celebration because, unfortunately, you can not make a party of something or something that has not been achieved and that is still a scourge in society .