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portada tecnología al sol

Technology is set in the sun

Sun protection in summer is very important not only to avoid burns but to avoid complicated situations in our skin in the future. As we all know, the future is already here. It is no longer necessary that our skin is burning so that we know that a new dose of sunscreen is necessary or even find out the degree of radiation that exists at any moment is possible without waiting for our skin to start to turn red.



Grandparents 2.0

On Twitter we could read this sentence: “If you could design the future, it would be with more libraries and less Wikipedia, with more grandparents and less social networks”

But is a world drawn with more grandparents and the same social networks so bad?


Portada Emprendimiento

Entrepreneurship:  difficult even to pronounce it

At the end of 2013, 4 crazy people appeared at a Start-ups event and presented what at first seemed like a crazy idea. But just a little detail here, that madness worked and could be manufactured.

Today we talk about entrepreneurship and not just with the word of pop psychology, so fashionable these days.

They say that on Friday thirteen it is better to not do anything important, not marry neither embark in a new adventure. Well, we do not know if it is that in Oblumi we do not hear the popular wisdom or because we simply like to have a bit of masochism and danger in life, but we do not believe in this. In fact, it all started on a Friday, 13. We left our security back home and left our jobs to follow our dreams. It might be because our motto is “Those who do not risk, do not win”(more…)


Technology’s progress in fighting with cancer

Only a few days ago we woke up with another sad news. Some may see her as another victim, but it was something else. For his position, for how she has taken and above all, for everything that has struggled to overcome it and in the end could not be … Bimba Bosé left us a few days ago. As every day hundreds of hundreds of people die for the same reason: cancer.

Cancer is one of the main causes of death in Spain, but not only.

Cancer mortality in Spain, as well as in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom, is already higher than that of heart disease, as shown by a study on cardiovascular diseases in Europe, published in the ‘European Heart Journal’. Spain is the second country, after France, where cancer deaths have surpassed those of cardiovascular accidents. (more…)

portada regalos salud

#8 Gifts to take care of your health

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an athlete? You’re lucky! There are so many products out there that help us stay in shape and take care of our health and moreover all of them are so trendy right now! With nowadays technology, many are the accessories to use while practicing sports by connecting them with your latest smartphone.


regalos tecnológicos

#7 Tech gifts for “hipsters” – Christmas Edition 2016

For sure you know someone who lives (literally) connected to his mobile, who does not go running without his smart-quantifier bracelet, someone who just reads if it is on his new brand retina screen. One who is continually making odd gestures with his finger on his watch (no, he is not cleaning it) and he has mysterious calluses on his thumbs. Well, do not worry, these more and more common symptoms are not due to a disease transmitted by the fat lint mite that is always under the bed, nor is he Steve Jobs’ cousin.

This strange being is simply a geek of technology, what is commonly called ‘Hipster’ and for him to survive, he needs micro- Chips, wi-fi technology and preferably something that needs to charge by USB every 10 minutes at least. What a mess! Now what do you do? What gifts to give them? Do not worry! In Oblumi we think of (almost) everything and we have prepared for you the definitive Guide of technological gifts – Christmas Edition 2016 –


regalos originales para navidad

#6 The most original gifts for Christmas

If you are one of those who want to be different when making a present, this is your list, please keep reading. Here you have a 5 original gifts list. We are sure that any of those presents will be a great surprise either for that friend or relative who is waiting a present from you this Christmas.


portada regalos tecnológicos para niños

#4 Technological Christmas gifts for children

We come back with new gift ideas. This time we wanted to choose the most important gifts within the specialized technology in children.

The era of technology arrived long ago but this 2016 is proclaimed as the digital era for children.



#3 Gifts ideas for your most geek friends

Here we are with the 3rd chapter of our series of gifts for #TheNowFamily  and we promise that this is the most fun. Dedicated to all our geeks fathers and mothers of #TheNowFamily.

Since #TheNowFamily includes all families who use technology to help and make life easier for theirs, with this post we will understand “technology” as everything that facilitates family life, providing a funny touch.


maurice, inventor, disney portada

From the alarm clock to the smartphones,  and passing through the smart thermometer. Inventions that changed our lives forever

Usually, we are familiar with the greatest inventions of the history: the printer, the wheel or the car. The light bulb, the radio, the vaccines, the penicillin, etc. are others that essentially changed our lives forever. Later in time, the humanity discovered things like optical fiber or microchip, till the time Internet has been invented and everything changed forever.