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portada sorpresa reyes magos

Ideas to make more magic The Three Kings Day

Christmas Eve, Christmas´ Day, New Year’s Eve, and we are entering the New Year. This is undoubtedly the most magical week for children and for those of us who continue to be so. The Three The Three Wise Kings are coming!

The Three Kings’ Day tradition is not as international as Santa Claus, but in countries like Spain it is the day of magic. It is a festive day for the Catholic religion but this tradition is followed by most families, confessed or not, for the magic and illusion that is felt and lived with the youngest of the house.


portada santa y los niños

Why is it good for children to believe in Santa Claus

There are many parents who, when Christmas comes, they wonder if it is good for their children to grow up deceived, thinking that Santa Claus exist.

Perhaps the change is to stop seeing it as a deception and not as a way to stimulate their imagination before they have to start to face the stark reality.

We explain why it is good and worthwhile to continue with this magical tradition.


winter is coming portada

Winter is coming. Let’s prepare our defenses.

The freakish parents know that the White Walkers,”in coming out” of the Seven Kingdoms do not exist. Here in the Land of Men, the dragons are others and they are called Viruses and there is no Valirian Fire or Vidriagon to stop them.

Winter is Coming and we talk about the dreaded winter sicknesses that like the Lannister clan, the Itis Family come to make us all suffer #TheNowFamily. Pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, otitis… we are ready!

In schools, the -Itis are expanding and proliferating. This places are their natural habitat. That’s why we must be cautious. You know what the saying goes, “cautious man-woman is worth two.”

niño abrigado

For this, any barrier is small. The cold, the humidity, the dirt, etc… Don’t worry, we won’t see our children with their eyes filled with blue ice, but the precautions are not few, starting by dressing them as if they were onions. Layered. 

  1. From the cold Winterfell to the warmth Dorne, there is the same climate change as from Basque Country to Seville….. Therefore, keep your little ones warm by looking at the weather. We know, it’s a bit of a “bummer” (forgive me for the expression) but it’s so bad that they get cold, like sweating “deaths by heat” that Dorne-Seville people used to says.
  2. Masters have been studying, researching and testing how their ointments, concoctions and potions work for centuries. Let’s listen to the Doctors-Masters of this Earth and use the Vaccines properly, both to babies and children and to the elderly.
    medicamentos invierno
  3. One very simple thing that seems to have lost the habit of doing is to wash your hands frequently. Like Greyscale, most virus infections are transmitted by direct contact with the hands. After sneezing, going to the bathroom, touching our noses or anything else, wash your hands. Much more if we have children, babies and old people. They are the most affected.
    lavarse la manos
  4. Scarves with the Stark Wolf shield are beautiful, but please try to survive! Not to get sick! Wear disposable tissues. It’s not about you using a tissue for every blow snot (up to 6 can fit into a tissue) but using, ringing and pulling! That no one else can be in touch with “them.”
  5. Unless we’re going to sign an armistice, the PEACE pipe has to be left for another time. Whether we like it or not, tobacco is a -ine, therefore a drug. So it’s a good time to reconsider smoking. The contact of infants, children and the elderly with tobacco smoke should be completely avoided.fumar
  6. Do your children have a cloth or rag doll that they play with all day and are very fond of? You know what to do. Make him disappear. For the common good. He’ll show up again, don’t worry. But in Summer, when the sun’s fire brings us back to life.
portada duelo

Growing up is learning to say goodbye.

Adults have already learned that death is a natural part of life (we haven’t learned anything, we wouldn’t cry for example;) but children haven’t faced what the loss of no return means. 

When children begin to realize this, it is usually at 6 years of age. Some of them even before. 


portada animales

The importance of pets for children

How many times have your children told you about:”Mommy/daddy can we have a dog? Can we have a cat? Could we have any pet?!

It is common for younger children to ask their parents for an animal, and if they agree, parents should make this choice responsibly, explaining their children that an animal is not a toy, but a living being that also needs care.

Having an animal in the house can bring children, and the family in generates many advantages and benefits if it is not a decision made on a whim.


portada vuelta al cole

Back to school: if it’s a drama for you, it’s a drama for them.

Many cry, others don’t sleep, others make excuses to stay at home and some people think they’re going to a party (for the likes of colors). The return to school leaves no one indifferent. For parents it may be a battle against the clock that only begins, but for them? What does it mean for the little ones when they go back to school?


portada solidaridad

How does children learn to be supportive?

UN proclaimed at the end of the year 2000 the 31 of August as International Day of Solidarity. On this day the UN remembers that solidarity is not a moral requirement, but also a precondition for the effectiveness of the policies of countries and peoples.

According to this idea of solidarity, in a world with great differences between the poor and the rich, true progress will be achieved through cooperation among all nations and peoples, to end not only poverty but also other inequalities. The greatest gesture of solidarity is to show a common concern and take responsibility to those who can not obtain sufficient resources for development, whose human rights and dignity are not respected.


portada dia fotografía

Photography for children. Improving their creativity. World Photography Day

Thanks to advances in technology, the world of photography is now even closer to everyone’s reach.

Digital photography has made it easier to have simple equipment that we can all handle, and this includes children.

But how do you introduce children to the world of photography? Today, mobile phones (smartphones) bring cameras with some qualities, which not even the SLR cameras of 5 years ago brought. That is why photography is available to everyone, adults and children, with many possibilities. But first, perhaps it is better to start by knowing what photography is.


lagrimas san lorenzo niños

Perseid Meteor Shower with children

On the night of 11 to 12 August the stars fall from the sky. The night of Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the most magic nights in which you can ask for more wishes per minute. The tears of Saint Lawrence (as it is called in Europeans countries as Spain) fall to an average of 150 meteors per hour, so  you have more possibilities to ask for wishes than on any night of the year.


portada crianza con mascotas

The benefits for children of growing up with animals and pets.

A few days ago we celebrated World Environment Day. Within all that encompasses the environment are obviously the animals.

In #TheNowFamily we have our pet, we have grown with pets and that is why we bet on the benefits that animals produce in the life of the little ones, the children. According to Dr. Eugene M. Rothe, a child psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health at Herbert Wertheim School of Medicine / International University of Florida  (Miami), “Many animals, especially mammals, recognize the difference between an adult human and a boy. And, like humans, they have to take care of their little ones because they could not survive the early age without parental protection. Dogs, for example, feel emotions similar to humans, such as shame and sadness, and become depressed when they separate from their masters. That is why there is a great affinity with animals that feel similar to us. ”