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portada cosas bolsa bebe

10 things that cannot miss in your Baby Diaper Bag

It doesn’t matter if it is a fashionable blue a pois bag or just a black bag where you through things there on your way to the daily walk. Being prepared to anything when out with the baby is essential. Would you want for your baby to scream and you not having the water with you? Or the tissues?

So, let’s dive in and see what is essential to have in our Baby Changing Bag. We asked our beloved mums, did surveys and here is the list of the 10 things that CANNOT miss in your changing bag. Take a paper and a pen (or your phone’s notes app) and do not miss one next time. (more…)

deporte niños portada

The importance of sport for the children ‘s health

Sport helps children to develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of our daily life. Practicing any kind of sport from an early age helps children in many ways, especially group activities improve interaction and social integration, as well as improving the mental level and making a healthy lifestyle in adulthood more likely as the habits we acquire as children are often to stay.


portada eva luna

“There is no better company than those who make you love life, and those are our autistic children” (Eva Luna)

“I am Capable” was the motto that last year served us to start talking about #TheNowFamily about Autism.

The next day April 2 is celebrated World Autism Day and, since this year we have a little more knowledge, we wanted to have the advice and experience of those who know more, mothers and fathers. In this case, a mother, a fighter as few as I dare say, Eva Luna.


piratas portada

Surviving to the Carnival Party. Yes, It is possible!

“When a child plays, he enters a dreamy world, who bursts into the breakdown of his imagination, driven by the magic of wonder. From his room, out of nothing, he invents everything. “(The Creator, Tino Tovar, “Comparsa” Cadiz Carnival)
With this introduction, from last year Carnival of Cadiz, we wanted to start this article as it is approaching one of the most celebrated international festivals. The Carnival, from Italy to Brazil, passing through Germany, Argentina and all South America and, of course, Spain, is one of the most popular parties in the world, loved especially by kids.


Antibioticos buenos malos

Antibiotics yes or not? Natural antibiotics, the other option

We are in that time of the year when we end up being “friends” of handkerchiefs, snores, cries of pain and discomforts and we have to have a medicine cabinet that neither the navy can compete with.

Getting a cold is always annoying, most of all if it requires us, the elder, to stay at home and have to REST! Seeing our child suffering is even more annoying if not hear-breaking.

In moments of despair, when pediatrician does not prescribe us anything more than painkillers, we ask ourselves the same question: when will he prescribe us antibiotics?



#TheNowFamily fighting the flu

We do not enjoy at all talking about ugly things like viruses and other illnesses but … the cold has arrived and with it the so hated flu.
We are going to leave you with some advices that we are already applying for the office, not to be attacked by viruses to us, the elderly, so we don’t risk to end up worse than the little ones. (more…)

xmas navidad

Un unforgettable Christmas with your little ones

Kids are at home and craziness rules your world. Everything is messed around and you have to do so many other things in order to get everything ready for the party, that you are losing your mind, literally! Christmas is around the corner.

Family is coming to lunch, gifts have to be still prepared and your kids, ohhh… At home!

handmade decoration

Christmas DIY for home

It’s time to decorate the house for Christmas. Traditionaly, Immaculate´s day is the chosen moment in many countries for Christmas decoration.

This year we thought what better way to decorate the house than to do with objects created by your own hands. Of course, #TheNowFamily too. Nobody better than yourself with your taste and your little hands to make your house a magazine postcard.


portada regalos tecnológicos para niños

#4 Technological Christmas gifts for children

We come back with new gift ideas. This time we wanted to choose the most important gifts within the specialized technology in children.

The era of technology arrived long ago but this 2016 is proclaimed as the digital era for children.


portada oblumi regalos prácticos

#1 Practical gifts for moms, dads and all families

How many times have you had to give gifts to some newly dads and mums and you had no idea what would be most useful for them?

In the world of babies, children and childcare in general do not stop to appear devices, toys, objects and gadgets that claim to make life easier for families.

In #TheNowFamily we are already preparing our list of gifts for the next Christmas so, if you have to give presents to new parents, moms and families with children, without children, with babies without them, geeks, lovers of technology, etc., then don’t miss our series of perfect gift lists for all that we consider #TheNowFamily. We love them and found useful.