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halloween portada

“All Hallows Eve” – Halloween

Here they come, slowly by slowly but with a certain security, the zombies, the ghosts, the monsters, the witches and Draculas for each of our taste. It is about to be celebrated the Halloween and in Oblumi we love to take part at the party, and we want to take you as well! Every party, which is celebrated in the family, is worthy to be cheered. And if this comes with having fun with kids and some day off, it is even better!


portada halloween

Contest Halloween fever

Are you ready for the best party ever?  👹

  We invite you to share your special Halloween 2016 with #TheNowFamily. Enter this Halloween competition and you can win a small Oblumi tapp, the smart thermometer. Let’s have fun together this time of the year and share what makes Halloween a unique party. We all know that there will be at least one party you will attend, and make up is one of the most important things. Take a selfie, share it with OblumiFamily and you can win the tiniest thermometer on the market 😉  !

portada niña perro

Friendship between pets and children

There was a little boy, let’s name him Chris, who had a friend, and his friend had a little poppy. He could not understand how his friend would go everywhere with this small puppy. Chris hated this little thing moving all the time around.

During an afternoon while they were playing, Chris’s friend left for a while. Chris was really sad that day, his parents fought again and they were talking more and more about this strange word called “divorce”. He knew it wasn’t a good word, but he didn’t know what to expect exactly. His friend’s pet was searching for play, but he really didn’t have any interest in doing so. The puppy tried to play with him, catch his attention in any possible way. But nothing would make him forget about that morning sadness and the future that was around the corner. His parents where about to separate and nothing could make them stick together anymore.



Do you want your baby to be more intelligent? Play them music!

Music can help to our child development from mummy’s belly till the adulthood. When pregnant, futures moms are adviced to listen to classic music, this is recommended because is said it can help our baby’s development and then when he/she grows, music can be a way of her feelings to be externalized. On the other side, learning to play an instrument could be a great way to understand better the world.



Back to school

The key to everything new is to bring more excitement. Let know kids that they will have great time in learning new things and meeting their friends. Back to school has to be a great time to be enjoyed and planned ahead.

Yes, because the planning is essential, even if we love improvising.


portada tecnología

Does technology affect our children’s development?

Until some years ago, we thought that television was the diabolical object in our house that separated family, the one which made communication be of low quality or even absent or of low quality… Today, this evil figure (or good one depending on your approach) is the Smartphone, full of all kind of Apps with which one can waste or spend his/her time. But like everything in life, it depends on the use we give to things, in order to classify them as good or bad.  (more…)

portada DIY

10 ideas DIY for Kids, Mums & Dads

Just for you, just because you are fabulous, we have some great ideas Do It Yourself when your creativity vein is out of order.


Portada alimentos

Colours, tastes and moreover variety. Healthy food!

Colours, tastes and moreover variety.

In #TheNowFamily we talk about Healthy food. Good for you and for all your family.

From vegetarianism to orthorexie (and no, is not an illness!), bio, gluten free, vegan, flexitarism (semi-vegetarianism), raw, fruitism, miracle products, methods and diets to loose weight easily and quickly… Here you have, for any taste.

Oh, did you lose yourself with all these terms?


niños bañándose portada

Let´s go to a Summer Camp!

The date is coming. And many of you have lived and gone through (thanks to God) nervous days, sewing and preparing costumes, going to all stores in the city to find that red bowler hat like all her classmates had… You have suffered that “catchy” song loop repeated for days at all hours learning it and dancing it for the final course party and now… you are starting to miss it… The countdown starts. There are just a few days left till the holidays begin. With huge smiles on their faces they announce it to you and you, you’ll keep working until August. You live it like going to the gallows … In #TheNowFamily have the solution: Summer Camps. Wowww !!!



Is not winter, is not summer. Take care. It´s May!

You know that time of the year, when the winter is already a “beautiful” memory and the summer makes herself waiting way too much? That moment of the year when even spring lost her identity? Yes, that one. The strangest month of the year, together with October. Ok, May, here we go, allergies and sneezes. Hello.

And let’s not forget about the clothes. Shall we put the coat on or is it enough a t-shirt? For all those mothers struggling with their kids, let’s have a minute of silence. It is not the easiest moment of the year for them. Since we, here, at Oblumi, want to take care of our beloved mums, we’ll send you some good vibes and little advices on how to manage the emergency situation called “May, I hate you”, sniffles & Co.