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Paint and color your own Mother´s Day Gift

The best gift is the one that you make with your own hands and #TheNowFamily has the better solution. 

May is the month of flowers, spring and #CoolMamma ´s Month. For that reason Oblumi´s blog wants to give you the better way to say how cool your mamma is.

Purchased gifts are ok. But she made you from herself so nothing much better than a present make with your hands.



Sneezes and snots… Welcome spring!

Already arrived, it is here! And with it, flowers, pollen, sneezes and snots… Welcome spring! We so love you! Allergy sufferers revere you.

Relax, do not panic! It is only one season. 3 months…. just three months, come on …

For those who suffer allergy, going for a walk, to the park, jogging, or any other outdoor activity becomes a true martyrdom. In fact, they see such a beautiful thing as a flower and run faster than a greyhound.


niño autismo

Autism (ASD), a special, but not a separate world

If you who are reading this text have a son or daughter, nephew, sibling or any familiar within the autism spectrum, possibly you know what means to live with someone born with this disorder. It involves facing challenges which are totally different from the ones of ordinary families.