I Congreso de Wearables y Big Data en Salud

Last Tuesday we were invited to the First Congress of Wearables and Big Data on Health held in Madrid, in the School of Design and Innovation (ESNE) in Madrid to present our Oblumi device. This conference was created with the aim of bringing together in one place for professionals in the health and technological fields and discuss the possible evolution and expansion of Wearables and Big Data for health.

Congreso wearables y big data

In the various presentations that were held throughout the day could listen to health professionals and medical wearables how these new devices and the internet of things can help and complement the current state of medicine.

The Congress was seen countless wearables devices: Device to measure and monitor physical activity from a clock, control a drone with brain signals, templates for smart shoes, mattresses for dependents

In the final phase of the Congress top wearables and big data platforms were exposed. Finally, our Oblumi device, the device that converts your Smartphone into a clinical thermometer and offers different features added, was selected as “Best of the First Congress of wearable Wearables and Big Data in Health“, organized by COMSALUD.



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