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Entrepreneurship:  difficult even to pronounce it

At the end of 2013, 4 crazy people appeared at a Start-ups event and presented what at first seemed like a crazy idea. But just a little detail here, that madness worked and could be manufactured.

Today we talk about entrepreneurship and not just with the word of pop psychology, so fashionable these days.

They say that on Friday thirteen it is better to not do anything important, not marry neither embark in a new adventure. Well, we do not know if it is that in Oblumi we do not hear the popular wisdom or because we simply like to have a bit of masochism and danger in life, but we do not believe in this. In fact, it all started on a Friday, 13. We left our security back home and left our jobs to follow our dreams. It might be because our motto is “Those who do not risk, do not win”

And it is definitively true. In the career of entrepreneurship, you have to take risks. But keep your eyes wide open, just like in skiing, do not throw yourself down on a red lane if you’ve just learned to wear your skiing boots.

More and more often, we see people talking about entrepreneurship, and it seems to be the only (forced) way of finding a job today.

But as Raúl Tristán points out in his work Entrepreneurs! The virus of naiveté: “There is an inconceivable excess of unnecessary supply.” And he warns: “95% of what you are told about undertaking is a lie.”

In Oblumi we are not going to become so eschatological but we do have a list of what we believe to be the lies of entrepreneurship. What nobody tells you is what lies behind the phrase “If you have a great idea, make it happen.”

You have to ensure that to undertake  the risks of a new business is necessary to be willing to make this business the center of the existence of oneself. “You are not his master, but his slave.”

 allá vamos

So here we go …

 1.“Come on, anyone can be an entrepreneur”

Here it is, the first lie. Behind that innocent phrase that only seeks to encourage, hides the side effects of anyone coming up with an idea and starting a business without knowing what he is going towards. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but to undertake this road, there is much more to know that it looks like. It is about being aware that you must prepare yourself, train yourself, and have an open mind and be prepared that anything can happen along the way.

In fact, something that is usually ignored is that a significant determinant is the age and the experience of the entrepreneur. The average age of the entrepreneur is around 37 years and evidently with previous experience in the job world so that what he undertakes has relevance and success.

2.”What a great product I have, it sells by itself!”

 A product or a brilliant idea is not enough. That’s just a day of euphoria. The beginning. It is necessary to work the idea at all levels: sales, marketing, market study, competitions … etc. Team management is also necessary and business skills need to be learned or encouraged. No one is born knowing everything.


No matter how good it is, if you do not show it to the whole world, nobody will buy it.

The first skill to be learned and developed is to SALE. There’s no more essential thing than learning this.  Specialize yourself in knowing how to reach distributors, in maintaining contacts and making new ones. A lot of empathy and applied psychology to know in front of the type of customer-supplier-distributor that we will have. And above all, a great knowledge of how the markets in which we move works.

 3. “You do not need a lot of money”

A big error … It is true that the main thing is to have a clear vision of the business and the organization which is extremely important for the development of the project. But you will need all sorts of resources that, almost all unfortunately, are achieved by investing. That is, with money. The world is very competitive and to have options you have to have weapons to fight with. Creativity is important, ingenuity … but unfortunately in this race you will also need money! I’m sorry to disappoint you.

 4. “Entrepreneurs have no boss, nor schedules.”

To sum up the lie of this saying, we will tell you that you do not have a boss, you have as many bosses as your clients are. The only truth that has this phrase is that the entrepreneur is the owner of his business and is accountable to himself. But therefore, these accounts have to perform under their name in front of its customers, suppliers, community, followers, finances … Be an entrepreneur is not about doing things at your pace. Precisely you will have a company 24 hours a day …

5. “No one does what you are doing”

Whoever tells you that, with the purpose of motivating you to undertake the entrepreneurship road might have two things. Or is he or she truly in love with your product and everything he or she sees is the beauty of your product. In this case, keep these people near to you. They are your true friends!


The second option is simple: they have no idea of ​​your product and its environment, your market.

Practically It’s all invented. At most what you can do is implement an improvement in “something” that already exists. We are millions of people in the world, do you seriously believe that what you have come up with because you have had a problem with something just happened to you? Normally when “your idea” is not being done, it is because there is no Market for this. And if there is anything worse than ignoring the market or naivety, it is arrogance.

6. “Patents allow you to defend our product”

The optimal number of times to pronounce the word “patent” in a presentation is one. Even if you do not mention it, nothing happens. The issue with patents is desperately. No one really knows what the world of patents is until they get it right, and we believe that. Work to get them but do not obsess over the deadlines … those run on another pace.

For sure we forgot about some of those lies… but we know that if you are reading this, possibly is because they did not warn you in time. Do not worry, positive psychology encourages you with a “You can do anything you put your mind to” and … Continue moving forward. You know, “who does not risk, does not win”. And there is nothing better than reaching success after failing.

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