#3 Gifts ideas for your most geek friends

Here we are with the 3rd chapter of our series of gifts for #TheNowFamily  and we promise that this is the most fun. Dedicated to all our geeks fathers and mothers of #TheNowFamily.

Since #TheNowFamily includes all families who use technology to help and make life easier for theirs, with this post we will understand “technology” as everything that facilitates family life, providing a funny touch.

So, here you have the coolest freaky gifts that you could give as Christmas presents and with which all of you will laughs in addition to feeling that you are helping ;)

1. Spoon plane or plane-spoon

One of the most gifts of the mums that we have been able to find for all parents and mothers aviation geeks. We are sure that when you were little, you dreamed of the spoon-plane that Mom approached you “flying” and you would think … “And the wings? Come and mother, without wings who will believe that a spoon flies!”  Oh !! What do your eyes see now dear #TheNowFamily parents?  A runway / bib with lights? OMG 😱 So cool this gift, isn´t it?

babero avión bebé

2. Volume Dummy

Yes, we already know what you are going to say: “Where are we going to get with the technology?”

Well here we bring you a pacifier to lower the children volume´s sound. If you put the pacifier on the baby, the little one is quiet … As with all pacifiers, right? XD But, this is much cooler? ;)

chupete bebe volumen

3. Droide BB-8 StarWars

One of the most incredible gifts for any good geek and good lover of StarWars can (and should have) is this BB-8. This little droid moves just like the original BB-8 of the movie. Its body spins while its head is up, and the best thing, is controlled from the smartphone by bluetooth! It also has augmented reality, video messages, and, and, and … you will not believe it … Watch the video!

4. Mopes for babies?

For real? This is what it is? Well yes, as you read, is a “pijama / mop” to clean the floor. Who needs one of those expensive self-cleaning robots having a lovely crawling age baby? We dress up the baby with this “smart” clothes and the child will clean the floor as the child investigates new corners around the house.

The truth is that we are not very clear in knowing who this gift is destined for, but it has turned out to be very interesting. Sometimes the easiest and smartest technology is made of rags ;)

bebé mopita

mopa bebe

5. A thermometer that connects to the mobile?

Yes it is. The small Oblumi tapp connects to the mobile and turns it into a smart thermometer. Smart because, thanks to your app you can calculate the dose of medicine that corresponds to your child according to his age and weight, or you can remember the time at which you have to give his medication. All this and more in only 5 cm (it is the smallest in the market) with a cover to carry it with children’s things or babies and besides, the geek is that you can measure the temperatures of liquids … What do we drink the greater? ;) Yes, it is a gadget that you can wear with friends.

oblumi tapp regalo gift

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