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#2 Gifts for #TheNowFamily, what to buy and where to buy

So, here we come with the second of the series we proposed you the last week on our blog, gifts for The Now Family. But let’s take a step backward and explain what The Now Family is. The Now Family is a concept developed by Oblumi which includes all those people who create the family, mums and dads, grandparents, aunties and uncles, all of them have something in common which is using the smartphone on a daily basis.

Here is a short list of things to buy for your friends which babies, your grandparent who is modern and uses the smartphone, your auntie who loves the latest Apps and reads the news on Twitter. You’ll find them all here! 

Smartphone projector

With youtube and the online resources there is more often the need to share a video or a movie from the smartphone. What a better gadget to have in the house if not this small and smart projector for your mobile phone. Easy to carry on, it is the best gift to give to the family with many kids or just for lovers of movies.

Phone projector


Urban Outfitters touchscreen gloves

With the cold times coming around the corner, using the smartphone becomes a bit uncomfortable if we think of those cloves that don’t really work with the touchscreen. Well, for this the Urban Outfitters created a smart version of them and presents us a touch screen version of them. As comfy as the other ones, as useful as the previous ones of course, same result but an added value. Use the smartphone anywhere when outdoor.


Best pictures for the family with a zoom cellphone camera lens

Why not get a better quality on those pictures this holidays? It gives to your smartphone the super power of capturing close-up shots from distances you never imagined is possible. With this detachable 8-12X optical zoom lens you’ll get a few exciting extra special effects. Try it and gift them to your favourite uncle! He will take charge of the pictures this Christmas!

lens for smartphone

For your grandparents

A digital photo frame to show them their beautiful nephews all the time, all day long! And the best of it? Is that the pictures can be sent by email to the frame. Also it has an app where all your photo can be saved and sent to the frame. Connect it to your Instagram and your grandpas will have a live update of your life! But be careful of what you share! Amazing gift!

digital photo frame

A luggage to charge your phone

Ready for your next holiday this Christmas? If you are a smartphone-addicted you will be terrorised when seeing that the battery to your phone is low, especially if it is five minutes before you have to board and your boarding pass is on your phone! An era which requires the phone’s usage for any aspect of our life, having a luggage which gives you the option to charge the battery is the best one.

 Chargeble luggage

Oblumi tapp

And to wrap up with, why not a smart thermometer? You hear more and more about this new term “smart”. Everything is becoming smart, the car, the frizzer, the alarm clock, everything is smart. And we don’t want you to spend this Christmas with the mercury thermometer! Welcome in your house, or your friends house the latest in thermometers! The one to connect easily with your smartphone and to transform in a high tech thermometer! Use it to share the temperature in family, to view graphics of the evolution and much more! Check Oblumi’s webpage to learn more about!

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