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#7 Tech gifts for “hipsters” – Christmas Edition 2016

For sure you know someone who lives (literally) connected to his mobile, who does not go running without his smart-quantifier bracelet, someone who just reads if it is on his new brand retina screen. One who is continually making odd gestures with his finger on his watch (no, he is not cleaning it) and he has mysterious calluses on his thumbs. Well, do not worry, these more and more common symptoms are not due to a disease transmitted by the fat lint mite that is always under the bed, nor is he Steve Jobs’ cousin.

This strange being is simply a geek of technology, what is commonly called ‘Hipster’ and for him to survive, he needs micro- Chips, wi-fi technology and preferably something that needs to charge by USB every 10 minutes at least. What a mess! Now what do you do? What gifts to give them? Do not worry! In Oblumi we think of (almost) everything and we have prepared for you the definitive Guide of technological gifts – Christmas Edition 2016 –

This is what Google shows when you look for the word 'hipster'. Yes, indeed the mustache is actually a USB charger.


These are our suggestions …

Tablets 7 “: is the in size. Although he might already have a tablet, the Hipster will always thank you for the renewal of it. Also, sure that his is bigger and weighs more, and actually you can make a profit by selling the old one in ansecond-hand-of-fashion …

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 | From 220 €: an elegant, nice tablet, very comfortable to use by weight and dimensions. We checked it in our hands and have to assure that is very well made. Someone will hate us for making comparisons, but I’d say it’s the closest thing to an iPad mini, in Android version.

mi pad2 xiaomi

  • Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD | From just 60 € !!: amazing price and good quality. Perhaps the only flaw of these tablets is the default absence of the Google apps store, in favor of Amazon’s one. The finishes are not excellent, but it’s very easy to buy, it’s cheap and being an Amazon product is quite a guarantee.
  • Ipad Mini | From € 289: very little we can say about the iPad that has not already been written. You either love it or hate it. In any case, we do not know anyone who got angry when receiving an iPad as a gift.

Electronic books: for someone who does not read just headlines, it is the perfect gift: it does not damage the view, it does not consume the battery in a lamp, it allows you to carry your entire bookstore in your pocket and also its acquisition is less painful for your pocket.

  • Kindle (and Kindle Paperwhite) | From 80 €: is the king of the market. It has everything you need to be a great ebook, it’s nice, small, easy to use, well finished and inexpensive.

The Kindle. If Cervantes were with us he would have one of these.

  • BQ Cervantes 3 | From € 139: is a Spanish designed eReader, very light and well finished, as all BQ products. After a long time waiting for its update, the new version 3 of the Cervantes BQ comes back with force since now incorporates the E-Ink screen with technology of high resolution Letter (1072 x 1448 pixels), that is the same that uses the Kindle PaperWhite, the Kindle Voyage and the Oasis. It is a very balanced eReader although its size is a little bigger than usual.

Attacknid Fighting Robot | From 99 €: Attacknids are a chilling and hilarious battle robots that are handled remotely and allow fights between them. When his armor of rubber discs hits his enemy, he explodes and his armor flies away, leaving a trail of robotic devastation along the battlefield … And if you get 3 hits in the “brain” of your enemy, you end your life and leave it unused … until the next round! No comment. I want one!

the robot

Go Pro Hero Session | From € 230: the fashionable sports video camera. Easy to handle, good quality, resistant even to water and good optics. Perhaps the only drawback is that it is used so often that it ends up accumulating the work of editing and postproduction of the videos: “Tomorrow I edit the video of the trip to the snow, I promise!”. The phrase of the year.

Raspberri PI 3 | From 40 €: If your Hipster is a handyman this is all you want to get to ecstasy. How to explain what is Raspberry Pi? Let’s say it’s a kit that provides what is necessary for your freaky friend to perform all kinds of electronic experiments. The motherboard includes an ARM processor, video output, USB ports, memory card slot and all kinds of inputs and outputs. In addition, you can install Linux and run QUAKE and MAME. If you ask the subject what a Devil is and knows how to answer correctly, do not hesitate, give him a Raspberri PI 3. It is the Rolls-Royce of the kits. And it’s cheap too.


Oculus Rift / HTC Live 800-1,100 €: No doubt next year will be the year of virtual reality. Although 2016 has served as a gateway to the market for the first good quality products, in 2017 we will see the consolidation of this technology. It is fashionable, it appears in all media and, not for less, since the sensations are incredible. Although the market is full of low- and medium-quality cheap products, the only devices on the market that provide totally satisfying experiences are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, in this order. At the last minute Sony has joined the train, with its PlayStation VR, although the product does not measure up with the previous two, the price is considerably lower.


Our colleague Mariano with the Oculus Rift, fighting with the T-Rex

Oblumi tapp | from 45€: is a small device which connected to the smartphone converts this into a digital, infrared thermometer. It comes in a small case which protects it and can be carried with you everywhere you go. It registers all the data, it creates graphics with the fever evolution, suggests you the dose of medicines and so much more! Really a great, useful and well-designed product. With the cold weather, now, Oblumi tapp becomes an essential element in your bag. Compatible both with Android and iOS (included iPhone 7), we recommend it!


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