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#8 Gifts to take care of your health

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an athlete? You’re lucky! There are so many products out there that help us stay in shape and take care of our health and moreover all of them are so trendy right now! With nowadays technology, many are the accessories to use while practicing sports by connecting them with your latest smartphone.

Thanks to the Internet connection, the possibilities to use are endless. Now we have different products connected with each other and the information flows between them giving us the opportunity  When connecting to internet the possibilities are endless, since once we have all the information that different devices are collecting, they allow us to store and analyze it to know our parameters and to be able to improve when it comes to playing sports.

Here is the list with the products to control your health and to do sport that we have selected for you:

Fitbit Activity Bracelet

Smart brazalet

With this device you will have the possibility to monitor your physical activity and not only when you do sport, but also throughout the day. With this smart watch you can control your heart rate when you are doing sports and increase your exercise to raise the intensity of training. Everything will be registered in the application that will be synchronized by Bluetooth to your mobile.

Bluetooth headset

Another very interesting gift for running fans are the Bluetooth headset (the Beats one being one of the best on the market at the moment. Thanks to it you can listen to music, in a wireless and super comfortable way, without having to deal with headphones pulled out from your ear or other inconvenience!

Mobile Bluetooth

In addition, you can also have information regarding your elapsed time, speed or distance if connected your phone to applications such as Nike or Runtastic.

Smart Scale

In order to keep working hard, monitoring the results and keeping track of it is fundamental. The dreaded time to get on the scale is real, but, let’s be honest, who you remember how much it marked the last time you got on it? With Garmin Smart Scale you will have the evolution of each measurement and you can analyze the real result of all your training.

Wake up smartly

Reading different articles about being healthy and staying fit, we always talk about how important it is to sleep well and that sleeping at least 8 hours a day will make you healthier. And although waking up in the morning is always hard, waking up after having slept well makes you face the day with much more energy.

Despertador inteligente

With Bonjour, a smart alarm clock, you will get up to the rhythm of your favorite group and you can even ask  “It is rains or not” :D. You can also configure, based on some conditions, to wake you up at one time or another. You can stop the alarm or set a new alarm without having to take your hands from under the sheets. And do not just stay there, connect it to services like nest, itfff, Google Calendar and you’ll have a great friend on your bedside table.

Cooking from your office


It’s time to eat, but you wish to eat healthy without cooking? The solution is Eskesso, you can make healthy dishes from your mobile. Yes, as you read! With a cooking that only uses water and heating it with this device that connects to the Wi-Fi in your house, you can control when you want your food ready to serve. A great gift for healthy cooking lovers.

The smart thermometer for #TheNowFamily

And finally, Oblumi tapp, controls the body’s temperature to know if you have a fever or not and get a follow up from your app to recover as soon as possible. This is another great gift for technological dads and moms, especially if they like to keep the family’s health under control.

usos oblumi tapp

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