portada regalos tecnológicos para niños

#4 Technological Christmas gifts for children

We come back with new gift ideas. This time we wanted to choose the most important gifts within the specialized technology in children.

The era of technology arrived long ago but this 2016 is proclaimed as the digital era for children.

Here we go with the best ideas in age order. Let´s Go!

+0 years. Smart thermometers for children

At this age we do not think children should use technological devices. You need to learn to talk or walk before you know how to program … Stay calm There is time for everything. But what about parents? Why not incorporate new technologies in the care of our child?

Oblumi tapp is a small device that incorporates the mobile phone into a digital thermometer with multiple functionalities associated. An intelligent thermometer that will help parents care for their children’s health.

oblumi tapp regalo gift

+3 years. An electronic worm

At this stage, the most interesting thing is for children to experience while playing, developing their own abilities.

We like Codi-Oruga because it mixes the traditional toy concept of the “musical worm” that we all know with much more innovative options. The children can configure the segments so that the caterpillar reaches the objects previously distributed by the room. Another thing that we love is that all you need is your child’s hands to discover a large number of possibilities, so you can play without the help of your mobile.


+ 6 years. A Smart Watch

It’s time to discover the world and take photos, record videos, save audios and make puzzles with our watch, but watch out, it’s not submersible. And besides and although you do not believe it, it has a clock, alarm and stopwatch. There was a time in which to pass from the analogical clock of the communion to the digital Casio seemed to us a past one … but those were other times.

smart watch

Kidizoom seems to be one of the star gifts of Christmas. They have something that still seems very interesting, you do not have to leave your cell phone to play with friends (many of them will have it too).

+8 years. Educational Robot

robot education

Dash and Dot applies the educational philosophy of “Learning by doing” by combining fun and learning. Robots come fully assembled and ready to play, but need a compatible device to interact with the robot; That is, he lends them the mobile phone or the Tablet. What we like least about the product is its price, € 299 can be excessive to make a child happy, or not.

robot educativo

+10 years_ Electronics Kit

They are old enough to start building their own robots, there are great tools to get familiar with programming.

LittleBits has created a whole range of products that allows you to easily design and prototype your own interactive devices. These kits also serve for adults who want to get closer to electronics

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