regalos por menos de 50 euros

#5 Gifts ideas under 50 euros

Has it ever happened to you, especially at Christmas, that you want to give something to a family member or to a friend and you are run out of ideas to find an interesting gift for them? Forget the typical perfume or the classic tie that no one ever puts on! Give something practical, interesting, original … and without needing to ruin yourself.

At #TheNowFamily we have decided to give you the best ideas for Christmas shopping and this time we give you a list of possible gifts for your family, without spending much.

With less than 50 € you would find all this …

1. All-in-one charger and lightens

More and more people are cycling and need lighting to be seen when it gets dark. And also, we usually carry a mobile phone, sometimes a tablet … So it is very likely that sometimes in the day, you miss being able to charge the battery of those devices.

Now you can make a gift that fulfills both functions. In addition, this charger with lighting has lights in various colors. An original gift and not very expensive.cargador linterna

2. A spa in your own home

Almost everyone likes the relaxing effect of going to a spa. But not all of us have time and the price of visiting one is not low. Besides, would not it be great to enjoy a similar feeling in our own home?

Now it is possible! With an attachment that you can place in the shower handle and with a batch of three essential oils to load into the diffuser, you can enjoy a relaxing experience without needing to leave your shower

3. Light box with messages to decorate

Often we receive gifts to decorate, but after seeing it for a while, it is common to get tired of them. Now you can give away something original that you can change whenever you want: a lit box customizable with the message or phrase you want.

Thanks to the kit of letters that includes, you can write a message that motivates you to see it or an interesting and coaching phrase.

In addition, one version of this box is magnetized so you can hang it on the door of your refrigerator.

caja de luz

4. Customizable protective helmet for the little ones

Safety is not always linked to fun. When we encourage children to ride a bike, in addition to having fun, we want to promote values such as sustainable transport or a healthy lifestyle. However, they can fall off the bike and hurt themselves.

It is therefore important to teach them that they should be adequately protected. One way to do this is with this customizable helmet. The helmet comes with non-toxic colored pencils with which children can customize their helmet. Something that makes this gift funnier, is that the markers are not permanent and children can change their drawing or message as many times as they want!casco pintable

5. A Nutcracker from the Future

This robot has a special mission: to break nuts so that we can enjoy its flavor. And besides, it not only makes our life simpler, but it is even able to make us smile when we see it.

A nice, original … and a practical gift.cascanueces

6. The world map to scratch

How many times have you wanted to remember how many countries you’ve been to and how many would you still like to go? Have you never wanted to teach others all the interesting places you’ve traveled?

With this map of the world, your family and you can go marking the countries in which you have been scraping the surface of the country that you have visited. In doing so, the country changes its color, leaving a personalized map.

This map has a very careful design and contains many details. The ideal gift for the most travelers!

map deluxe

7. A Smart Thermometer

The thermometer is not a device that tends to lift passions. However, it is natural that we all get sick and it is very useful to use it from time to time. Now that we are all connected and use the mobile for everything, it was time for someone to come up with an attractive design and design it so that we can use it with our smartphone. Thanks to its connection to the mobile phone, we can create several patient profiles, save the measurement history and even be able to share it.

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