Grandparents 2.0

On Twitter we could read this sentence: “If you could design the future, it would be with more libraries and less Wikipedia, with more grandparents and less social networks”

But is a world drawn with more grandparents and the same social networks so bad?

Today’s grandparents do not actually correspond with the stereotype from the past, as they are social, fast and modern. This is also due to the fact that the way of living the elderly has changed, they are more accustomed to the changes, they take care of the body and the clothes but in the end, they always want and love the same. Beauty is just that, despite the radical change, they still carry with them the characteristic that makes them unique: love for their family. The little help they can offer, they will do it, they are always ready to help even if it is only by sending a message of WhatsApp!

Here at #TheNowFamily we believe that today’s grandparents continue to play their strong part in families and even better with bright new facets.

Of these, we compiled a list:

They are young, athletic and fit

abuelo deportista

Now with the same age, they look much younger. The image of the small crooked man is light years away from what there is today. Today’s grandparents are willing to be fit and take care of their appearance and their body doing more sport, for example.

They know how to entertain their grandchildren

abuelos play station

In addition to playing classic games such as cards, soccer, basketball, balls, etc … they are also able to compete on PlayStation, perhaps a FIFA game, without being forced to let grandchildren win, but rather, try to Win with a feeling of joy for victory …

Just like they do in this video.

They are up to date

Gone are those days when grandparents simply did not want a cell phone, or those when for any computer problem they would call someone to get it sorted and ready, without even hearing the explanation of how the problem could be solved by themselves. Today, though, most of the grandparents are 2.0: they watch streaming movies, have a tablet, use WhatsApp to exchange messages with their sons, daughters and grandchildren (they even send you videos or nonsense images) or use Skype to make video calls. Maybe now also use Instagram to make the photo of a dish they have simply cooked or even an autofoto! In the collective imagination we imagine grandparents telling stories about their youth to their grandchildren and not doing selfish together and publishing it on social networks with their #Hastags.

abuelo ordenador

In spite of everything, they manage to communicate, perhaps even better, with their grandchildren. Some even have a Facebook profile, through which they can keep in touch with old friends, but at the same time be able to see and share publications and photos of their grandchildren who may be away.

They do not see tattoos or piercings as a taboo

They watch the tattoos with curiosity and maybe even accompany their grandchildren to get their first tattoo, maybe even over time they get one with it. Nor do they get nervous at the sight of a piercing in the nose or navel of his niece.

tatuajes abuelas

They look just like their children

They buy things in the same stores that we, etc … becoming so modern that it can be the case that someone confuses you who is the son and the father.

So you definitely will not go wrong with the Christmas gift your grandchildren and so your grandchildren will not have to give you the classic after shave set because they do not know what to give you!

Do not panic with this 2.0 revolution of our grandparents and loved ones, since they have done nothing else to adapt, with class, perhaps even with a somewhat nonconformist style, to the society in which we live!

abuelo moderno

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