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Halloween is coming! Participate in #OblumiHalloween

If you can’t stop seeing pumpkins, ghosts, witches’ clothes, brooms, cobwebs… then yes, Halloween is really close! That’s why we invite you again to participate in the most terrifying contest of all: #OblumiHalloween.

Now all you have to do is decide whether to do Trick or Treat.

What we know today as Halloween was celebrated more than 3000 years ago by Celts, a warrior people who inhabited areas of Ireland, England, Scotland and France. According to traditional theory, Halloween night has its origin in the Celtic holiday known as Samhain, which derives from the ancient Irish and means “the end of summer”. It is therefore the end of the harvest season in Celtic culture, the “Celtic New Year”. This feast was assimilated and adapted with the Roman occupation to the Latin calendar and later adopted as a Catholic feast, as the night before All Saints and Deceased Day. Hence its somewhat sinister subject matter, with the souls who go to purgatory, the ghosts and other dead bodies living…

It wasn’t until 1840 that this holiday didn’t cross the Atlantic and arrived in the United States and Canada, where it now turns out to have more followers.

And what have you got ready for Halloween night? Take part in our contest and you can win the thermometer to measure your Halloween fever.

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How to participate?

Participating is very simple

  1. Take a picture 📸 of what’s your best Halloween 🎃 moment for you.  We don’t care if it’s a video disguising your son 🕵, a prank played between friends 👻, a picture of your scary makeup 👹, the decor of your house 🕸… whatever.
  1. Publish it in your Instagram.
  2. Label @Oblumi in the photo and, VERY IMPORTANT use the #OblumiHalloween hashtag so we can find you.
  3. Mention a friend and tell us your best Halloween story 😈

The photo with more Likes ❤️  will win a #Oblumitapp so you know, invite your friends, share your photo and let everyone give you their love  ❤️ .


  • The contest will be open from October 25th to November 1st.
  • The use of the hashtag #OblumiHalloween is mandatory.
  • Obligatory to follow @Oblumi in Instagram
  • The award is an Oblumi tapp device – the digital infrared thermometer for Smartphones.
  • The competition is only valid in Europe.
  • Participants accept and certify that they are of legal age (+18 years old)

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