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How to measure fever? Oblumi tapp is the solution.

One of the main problems and fears faced by parents of babies and children is that they get sick and have a fever. Fever is usually the symptom that something is wrong with your body. It appears as a defense mechanism against various situations, disorders, infections and pathologies. Most of the time it is a sign that a virus or bacteria is attacking the body. Excess clothing (especially in infants) and immunizations may also be a reason for them to have a feverish picture. That’s why it’s so important to determine if the baby or child has a fever. Then we’ll know how to act.

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To do this, it is necessary to know how to measure the fever well in children. You may be familiar with the first gesture most parents make when we notice that their child is a little warmer than usual: place the palm of the hand on the child’s forehead or gently approach the lips to check if the temperature is high.

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If we suspect that the baby may have a fever, what we should do is measure the body temperature with a thermometer.

The thermometer

When we think our kids may have a fever, it’s best to take their temperature with a digital thermometer.

There are some areas indicated for taking temperature in infants and children such as the rectum, forehead, armpit or ear.

The most accurate way to take babies’ temperature is with temporary artery thermometers, which use an infrared sensor that measures temperature by simply sliding it over the baby’s forehead and digital ear thermometers, called tympanic thermometers.

How to use a temporary artery thermometer (in the forehead)

Temporary artery thermometers are very easy to use, once you learn the technique.

It is very important to follow the instructions, as well as all the sample videos that the manufacturer himself can provide. If you still find it difficult, you can always go to your doctor-pediatrician, as they are used to using this type of thermometers.

The basic use of these thermometers is to position it at the point on the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline.

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Then you’ll have to make soft circles without squeezing. Et voilà. (Include video)

How to use an ear thermometer

Ear thermometers, as well as forehead thermometers, are usually fast, safe and comfortable. The only problem is that they add the complication of having to insert the thermometer into the small child’s ear canal, and if the procedure is not performed correctly and the thermometer is inserted well into the ear, the recording may be erroneous or inaccurate. In addition, wax accumulated in the ear also has an influence because it interferes with reading.

Ear thermometers are not recommended for infants younger than 6 months, because narrow ear canals in young infants can make it difficult to insert the sensor properly.

Thermometer connected to the smartphone. Everything registered.

Oblumi tapp is a device connected to the mobile phone that converts it into a digital infrared thermometer with multiple possibilities. We mean, it’s a digital thermometer.

Accurately measures temperature

In a few seconds you can take your body temperature in the forehead and ear. Its infrared sensor is specially designed for medical applications.

Calculate the drug dosage

Who remembers the correct dosage of antithermic drugs? Our app will calculate it automatically according to the data of each patient and for the most used medicines.

Records all data

Views the history of temperature data and medication intake, making it easy to track fever status and information for the healthcare professional.

Share patient profiles

You will be able to create as many patients as you need and share them with the users you want, the information will be automatically updated to all those who share a patient.

Send and receive notifications

You will be able to send an automatic notification of the temperature or medication to contacts with whom you share information.

Configure alarms

Avoid worries and set off an alarm so you don’t forget to take a temperature or medication again.

Check liquid temperature

How many times have you had a scare because the bottle was too hot or the bath water was too cold? With Oblumi tapp you can measure the temperature of any liquid with the same precision and speed.

Regardless of the method you choose, do not take your child’s temperature immediately after bathing, when it is likely to be higher. Wait at least 20 minutes after bathing for a more accurate reading. The same happens if your baby has been wrapped in a blanket, crib, cart, or if the area you are in is heated. You have to acclimatize the thermometer and yourselves about 15 minutes.

So… do not get nervous and go to the doctor when needed… Keep Calm ;)


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