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10 ideas DIY for Kids, Mums & Dads

Just for you, just because you are fabulous, we have some great ideas Do It Yourself when your creativity vein is out of order.

  1. Welcome Baby!

Are you ready to have a Baby Shower party, but you are short in ideas and creativity? Here you have it, a nice Aloha style decoration. Is the sun missing there where you are? Colours are the “go to” for this kind of things. Use as many as you can so your house is going to look shine and bright.

Additional tip from #TheNowFamily. We adore recycling so we invite you to recycle this idea for any kind of party you might have.

aloha cuadrada

  1. Begin everyday with an artistic breakfast 

So your kids are lazy in waking up and don’t want to listen to you when you’re hurrying up and have no additional time for cuddling and hugs?

Plan in advance and prepare this delicious breakfast for your children. You will see your kids harrying up in the morning for the breakfast.

  1. Your kids will love these activities 

Lazy afternoon? Your kids are destroying your home and you want to have some quiet time?

Check these interesting ideas for you to have on the go when in crisis. Here, in #TheNowFamily we know what means having your kids at home during vacations.


  1. DIY Lego Pencil Holder

Are you a big Lego fan? Do you have kids who enjoy playing with Lego? Play with colours and do this nice DIY pencil holder so you will keep clean the children’s desk and have some fun together!

  1. Fabulous recipes! DIY Quick & Easy recipes: fun food for kids

Perfect and stylish cakes: here are our must have for a great party! Your guests will definitively enjoy them.

  1. Key Lime Popsicles Recipes

    Because you are so cool and you deserve these delicious key lime popsicles. A funny and very fresh cake: perfect for the summer!



  1. Frozen ideas!

It’s summer and is hot outside. You have no desire to cook the dinner. Here you have three awesome ice ideas to create with your kids. We ensure they will love it! Let’s go and have  some fun!

For this one all you’ll need are cupboards, fruits and lots of creativity.

  1. Smoothie time

“Nutella works miracles. That’s a fact. It’s comforting. It’s tasty. And… The great news is that you really can make a healthy smoothie using Nutella! Don’t you believe it? Try and do it, our Super yummy Nutella Smoothie! We have found for you the recipe to taste a delicious one thanks to HooplaKids. Do not feel guilty it is healthy. #TheNowFamily has tried for you!

Or a even more healthy version here


  1. Because it is summer and it is hot, they need to drink!

Quick & healthy, it is the best recipes of Iced Tea than you can do! It is good for all your family and it is really creative. Try it and you will adore it!  What else? Do it with your friends, for a pool party, with your kids for a funny afternoon. As said before, these recipes are for recycling each and every time you’ll feel in need!


  1. It’s raining, men!

During rainy days your kids are mostly bored going around without any activity to do. They might spend all the day in front of the TV, but is not our case. In #TheNowFamily we give lots of importance to creative activities and playing together. And… remember those afternoons? The rainy ones? Well… Yes, we have THE solution! Prepare for your kids an indoor swing, you will definitively surprise them with this original idea!

B O N U S:

You do not want to listen them during the journey by car? Be creative, be happy.

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