portada niñas riendo.

Ideas for jokes at Innocent Saints’ Day

Every year, when winter comes, we don’t just wait for Christmas. There are many special dates that can be celebrated. In Spain, every year we wait until the last week of the year, on December 28th, to give free rein to our jokes, the innocent ones.

matanza santos inocentes

Although today hardly anyone knows that the origin of the celebration of this day is quite tragic and religious in origin, it is still celebrated. According to Catholic tradition, with the birth of Jesus, King Herod ordered the killing of all children under 2 in Judea to prevent the alleged son of God from dethroning him over time, according to a prophecy. This is the reason for the name (Day of the Holy Innocents) and for it to be celebrated in other countries on the same day.

From taking the children’s innocence into consideration, the children’s innocence has been turned into a joke, the chops and the small tricks without transcendence with friends and family that make this day one of the most fun in the Christmas period.

Since these days we are usually surrounded by the family, here are some ideas for you to spend some jokes and innocence with the youngest of the house. But co-workers are also worthless;)

1. Frozen breakfast

If your companions, your partner or some of your family members have cereal for breakfast, try to prepare a breakfast for them tomorrow, December 28th. Put them in the freezer and put them in their place when they go to breakfast. If you do it at home, you can offer yourself to prepare it and you will see how well it works when they see their frozen bowl….

2. The fly in the food

moscas en la comida

Buy a spider or a plastic fly (for Halloween sell many) and put it on the plate of one of your classmates. When I go to eat and watch it… you will see him hit the scream and someone will surely be running away… ha ha ha!

3. Change sugar to salt

The most classic joke but which surely makes laugh everyone who witness the scene.

sal por azúcar
4. The classic Innocent Saints’ monigote

Another of the most typical jokes on April Fool’s Day is the classic Innocent Saints monigote glued to someone’s back. Draw the figure of the monigote on a sheet of paper, cut it out and let the little ones laugh at it by sticking it to the grandmother or grandfather on their backs. They won’t stop laughing.

recorte dibujo santos inocentes

5. I won the lottery

Something classic of Christmas in Spain is the Lottery Draw that takes place a week before. The prank of making the other person believe that you’ve been hit by the millions always works. If you want to make it more truthful, bring a bottle of anise and a tray of butter. At least you will start the working day a little later and with much joy.

6. The wallpaper car

This joke, while difficult, can be one of the funniest. If you know where your friend, family member or companion always parks the car and you have access to it without being seen, this can be the best joke you can make. You can look that pretty.

coche empapelao

But newspaper papers or even transparent films are also worthwhile.

coche con papel transparente

Whatever you do, the important thing is to have fun and have fun.

Be careful with the end of jokes, though.

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