regalos originales para navidad

#6 The most original gifts for Christmas

If you are one of those who want to be different when making a present, this is your list, please keep reading. Here you have a 5 original gifts list. We are sure that any of those presents will be a great surprise either for that friend or relative who is waiting a present from you this Christmas.

1 Sunrise Simulation Alarm

If you are one of those people who, with just a simple and annoying alarm, wakes up in the morning with a positive mood, than congrats!! If you are not that lucky or you know a friend who has issues with waking up on a positive note in the morning, then this solution might be of your interest. And if you are sunrise lover but miss it daily because you are already at the office, we bet you’re longing for a “awakening with the sunrise” morning.

Alarm clock

Philips Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation will give you that idea of sunrise and wake you up in the morning! It is an alarm clock whose aim is to make you feel that the sun is coming through the window even if it is just 6:00 am in the morning on a winter day. It will wake you up by simulating the experience of the dawn instead of that unpleasant noise of your alarm. Your neighbors will thank you for sure.

Are you a coffee person and nothing wakes you up more that its smell in the morning? Then, this Sensorwake  will definitively make your day! It allows you to wake you up by odors. From coffee and croissant to the smell of the sea. You choose!

2 Mushroom self-cultivation kit for children

Among all of us there is this idea that nothing beats the gift of an experience: it might be a trip, a concert, a tasting of a special meal.. Anything that could give us unforgettable memories. However, not everyone thinks the same when it comes to children. We tend to give them the latest toys and games to entertain them. Buying these nowadays is easy, as we can see when visiting a toy store. But experiences can make a child learn and enjoy of special moments at the same time. Experiences are forever.

el monstruo de las setas post

The smells, the touches, the tastes will make a gift unforgettable. Gifting a child an experience where he could learn the art of being patient, when putting the seed in the ground and waiting to see how from “nothing” it grows a new plant.  The Monster of the Mushrooms  could be one of these, a kit which allows our little ones to grow up to 3 crops of mushrooms by following a few simple steps. He then can draw the Monster and have fun while waiting for the mushrooms to grow!

3 My Future Listography

It is quite common that we want to do lot of things in the right moment that we do not have the time to do it and then, when we have any free time, sometimes we don’t know exactly what to do.


My Future Listography: All I Hope to Do in Lists is a book full of lists where you only have the topic and you have to fulfill it. Topics like: “Places I want to visit”, “Books I want to read”, “Things to do before die”, “Things to do in my city” etc.

If you take the book often, you will be able to write down lot of things on those lists. Then, when those free moment are coming and you don’t know what could you do, you just need to open the book, check those lists and you will find something nice to do and take advantage of your time.

4 Ultra portable game console

Do you have some friend/relative who really love videogames and he/she is dreaming with the last Play Station? If the famous PS4 is out of your budget, you have now the opportunity to let him/her think that you will make an effort to get that expensive game console just for him/her and then, once the day has come, you show up with such small and original console.


This console has been designed to be connected to your TV in a really easy way. You will have 200 8bit-games on the palm of your hand so that you can carry it on with you and use it wherever you have a TV.

Maybe this is not what he/she was expecting but you can be sure that you both will share some laughs. This is an ideal and cheap present  either to spend a good time with friends or allow your children to be “under control” in any of those multiple family gatherings coming in next dates.

5 Oblumi tapp

If you are not from Spain, you may not know about our Christmas Lottery. We would like to know that you have the chance to get up to 4000€ by particpating for free at In any case, we really know that the best Lottery we can win is called “Health”. For taking care of this health and specially our children health is the main reason why we at Oblumi keep working hard.

oblumi y ip6 con tapon

Oblumi tapp is a really small device that when connected to your device converts into a digital infrared thermometer. It is coming with a nice and such small case that you will be able to carry it with you wherever you go.

Cold times are coming and Oblumi tapp should became an essential gadget within all those objects you usually carry in your bag. Because there is nothing more important than taking care of your familiy.





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