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Ideas to make more magic The Three Kings Day

Christmas Eve, Christmas´ Day, New Year’s Eve, and we are entering the New Year. This is undoubtedly the most magical week for children and for those of us who continue to be so. The Three The Three Wise Kings are coming!

The Three Kings’ Day tradition is not as international as Santa Claus, but in countries like Spain it is the day of magic. It is a festive day for the Catholic religion but this tradition is followed by most families, confessed or not, for the magic and illusion that is felt and lived with the youngest of the house.

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Getting up in the morning and discovering that the Three Kings have left them gifts and they haven’t heard nothing about it is something so exciting for them and their parents that it’s worth the effort to being “wise men and women” for one night.

So that you can surprise even more the little ones and that they themselves participate in this special day we leave you some ideas.

Leave clues for the house:

It’s one of the funniest ways to discover gifts. Children and adults love it. If they are too small, you can play the joke on a grown-up and have the little ones follow you in your scavenger hunt. It’s about leaving notes instead of physical gifts. On each note you can put a quiz, like a riddle for example, to move on to the next one. I’m sure you laugh a lot.

Camels eat cookies:

galletas y leche

Tradition says you have to leave your shoes under the Christmas tree with a little glass of  milk and cookies. If the biscuits are homemade, the king’s camels will be happier and may leave more presents ;) 

The letter of the Kings answering:

What better proof that the letter reached their majesties than another letter in reply signed by them? They will also be able to explain why they didn’t bring all the gifts the children asked for. If we accompany him leaving the biscuits bitten and milk glasses empty, the scene and their faces will be worth seeing :O

escribir carta

The unexpected gift:

It would be nice if you could convince the child to leave a gift outside the letter and that day he or she would be surprised, find it , in the last place. It will make the day very excited and even more magical.

The irrefutable proof:

It’s proven:”The wise men exist because they have left me the sacks where they brought the gifts and stains of mud on the ground!”!!  For many years to come, they will always remember that moment. Even when they’re older. It’s magic for memory ;)


All this should not be done without the prior ritual which includes:

  1. Go and welcome them to the Three Kings Parade.
  2. Have dinner early and go to sleep early so the Kings and Queens can work.
  3. Leave everything ready and prepared: shoes in place, sweets, biscuits, milk…

Happy Three Kings Day!

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