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If I pay you, would you move? Interviewing Ciclogreen, new app pays your workout

We want to celebrate World Health Day, dedicating it to one of our favorite way of transport and, perhaps, the healthiest one: the bicycle. And about Ciclogreen, a new company that pays you for using the 2 wheels way of transport.

Cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Ghent, Nantes … These are cities where the bicycle has earned its well-deserved recognition and boasts its space as a means of locomotion even above the car.

If we talk about health, thousands of people in the world today are obese and, unfortunately, 50% of children under 12 do not have a healthy weight. The rush, stress, bad eating habits and above all the little or no exercise we do in our daily lives have caused obesity is becoming a health problem that already affects a large percentage of European and American countries.

What is the challenge of cycling as a healthy-sustainable transport?

The challenge is to increase cycling activism and to get cycling to take the consideration that we believe deserves, encouraging the education of all users on traffic rules, raising the awareness of entrepreneurs about the benefits of promoting and facilitating the use of cycling between its employees – the term of “ecological offices” – equitable application of traffic regulations, adequate infrastructure and encouraging respect for cyclists as full-fledged users of public roads.

Promoting the use of bicycles on daily commutes and for work purposes is economically profitable, commercially successful and ecologically reasonable in helping to solve problems related to environmental protection, traffic congestion and public health.

Ciclogreen, pays you if you take your “bike to work”.

In this sense we speak with Ciclogreen, a new company in Spain that has bet on the bicycle as a driver of its business idea and is currently becoming a success.

ciclogreen en sevilla

We are currently living, in almost all sectors that affect daily life, changes in mentality aimed at improving health and lifestyle towards healthier environments and habits. In this sense was born Oblumi, with the intention of caring for the family with the help of new technologies and mobile devices. Is this your case? How does Ciclogreen arise?

Ciclogreen: Ciclogreen was born with a goal that we still maintain today and that is part of our DNA: to promote sustainable mobility in cities. The cities will be the great protagonists of the next years by the enormous changes that they are going to undertake in multitude of sectors. Without a doubt the health of the citizens, their mobility and the environment are primordial elements in which to work and in this line we are specialized since Ciclogreen, to make more habitable our surroundings decongesting the cities, which results in multitude of benefits for all,

#TheNowFamily: Do you think that the idea of ​​rewarding going to work by bike would be well received by companies?

Ciclogreen: The so-called “bike to work” is a trend that is growing all over the world. Many cities everywhere are recovering the use of the bicycle, making it the usual means of transportation. Companies still have a lot to do in this regard, but their growing concern about the mobility of their employees is noticeable because it is not just a matter of ethics or corporate social responsibility. Employees who routinely travel by bicycle have a much lower percentage of work absenteeism than their peers who do not. There are many studies that quantify this fact in losses of millions of euros for companies. A healthy and happy employee performs much better, as is evident.

#TheNowFamily: Right now you are immersed in fundraising through a crowding in Kickstarter that we are sure you will get. What will your app bring? How could members of #TheNowFamily benefit from it?

Ciclogreen: Our application (for which we have launched a crowdfunding) is the tool with which we promote sustainable mobility and create healthy habits. Through their use we detect these environmentally friendly journeys and transform them into points, which can be exchanged for gifts and discounts on our website www.ciclogreen.com. We have a catalog of gifts that every day incorporates new rewards so our users can redeem them. So far we were using third-party applications and with the new app will greatly simplify the process.

app de ciclogreen

#TheNowFamily: In addition to kilometers and distances, what other parameters can be measured and obtained with the app of Ciclogreen? Can we be geolocated?

Ciclogreen: In successive updates of the application will be adding improvements. At the moment it will count distances, time, speed, means of transport, everything from the prism of gamification. As for geolocation, this is necessary to be able to quantify the distances traveled. Of course all the data obtained are anonymous and can be used to build efficient and efficient bike lanes, pedestrian paths … in short, create the cities of the future, sustainable, livable and healthy.

#TheNowFamily: Will some kind of device be needed besides the app?

Ciclogreen: Only the app

#TheNowFamily: What will the challenges and rewards of Ciclogreen consist of?

Ciclogreen: The prizes are the rewards for those who care about the environment and their health. The more you travel sustainably (bicycle, walking or rollerblading) more gifts and discounts can be redeemed. In addition, every now and then we launch the “challenges”, in which we draw great gifts among all users who achieve a minimum number of miles traveled.

#TheNowFamily: You are young entrepreneurs, what advice could you give to those people who have a new idea like Ciclogreen and want to carry it out?

Ciclogreen: Let them be aware from the first moment that they will have a very hard adventure ahead, in which they will certainly learn a lot and grow professionally and personally. Surround yourself with the best and always be willing to learn.

#TheNowFamily: You are starting in Seville but an app we take it on the Smartphone everywhere Do you think it is available nationwide?

Ciclogreen: Clear. We are based in Seville and we are well known locally, which we value and we greatly appreciate, but our incentive system is already present throughout Spain. With the application will begin the next adventure, internationalization.

Ciclogreen is a tool to encourage the use of cycling in cities. Whether in private companies, public institutions or town halls. We have many testimonials from users thanking us for our work. We have motivated them to use the bicycle, which has become a healthy and sustainable transport habit. The more people who use the bicycle or walk in the usual way to their work, university … the more uncongested and free of pollution will be our cities.

If our goal is to promote sustainable mobility, our mission is to improve our cities

sevilla en bici

Seville in particular is among the 10 best cities in Europe and has the best bike path in Spain. 170 km long that make the city a good example for sustainability and tourism. Barcelona is another example of bicycle awareness with its commitment to the public bicycle service, Bicing, which turns 10 years and soon to implement electric bicycles, another of the points in development of new business initiatives that are betting on the bicycle and the Union with technology.

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