el kamasutra de los besos portada

Kamasutra Kisses. Let´s kiss!

It is not that we have gone crazy. It just happens that we are almost always talking about children, babies, if they cry, if they are bad, “Mom I don´t want to go to school”, “Daddy I don´t  want to eat lentils” … And about everything related with the amazing life in parenthood … But for that there are children in the world everything begins (or should begin) with a good kiss!

So, after informing us a little, ask people interested in the subject, experts, young people, elderly, married ones, with and without children people,  we have come to the conclusion that it is true, the Internet can give you many clues about how the babies are made, but it does not teach you to kiss!

Amazing! Isn´t it? Well, we’re not going to teach you because you have to learn it yourself. What we do want is to leave the theory written. The practice runs on its own that everyone needs a thing and for talk about colors you have the rainbow.

We have extracted the best possible list of kisses according to the wonderful book of Kamasutra. So now you have no excuse for not knowing how to kiss.

beso comisura labios amelie

For women a message: leave the frogs for Disney and the alive wildlife, princes are built on practice as everything in life.

For men: take good notes, because no one is born knowing, friends. Neither CR7, nor Clooney, nor Banderas … much less mortals gays.

Let´s kiss!


Wake up Kiss. Who likes Mondays? We know it, no one! So, what a better way to wake up than with a kiss? This kiss is to arouse the other in a sensual way. The kiss on the temples, close to the birth of the hair, when the other is asleep, to wake him softly … That should be all the awakenings. Be careful with the time, do not be late.


Distracting kiss. Do not deny it, everyone is very fond of it. You are watching TV and suddenly you are! The kiss site does not have to be in the mouth only. It can be where it surprises you most and you like it. The neck, the ear, among others … Then what they put on the TV can be seen again in Netflix or similar …; P The important thing is the intention and to participate.

Backwards Kiss. The classic Spiderman kiss. We do not want you to have to put your face down hanging from a web to give your partner a kiss. It can be a bit dangerous. Not impossible, just a bit dangerous. It is about giving the other a kiss but he or she is with the head to the other side. It works when you are lying down or in an armchair or wherever you like. It gives different sensations and is very exciting. PD: If you do, tell us.

beso bocaabajo

Inclined kiss. It is when one of the two grasps the other by the chin (the chin, not by the face) and as you look and kiss. Gently and slowly, while still holding him. Curious. This kiss is sweet and serves to start it all slowly … the music to taste but Jonh Legend’s Tonight is very good … It´s a suggestion.

Hot Kiss. It is the one you give in a “yes but no” way, right at the corner of the lips and it leaves the other with a face of naughty emoji. The spark jumps and then just what you want to play is on your own.

beso hot ghost

Kiss to the chest. Well that’s it. There. We all know what zone we talk about, right? The nipples of men and women (both) are a very powerful nerve center to excite. The idea is to kiss them first with the lips and then play the tongue. If you add a little soft blowing … it provokes more, things as they are. There are those who like to bite them but they are preferences … It is said it gives more pleasure. It is said…

And to finish…

The Kiss of Remembrance. According to the Kamasutra this kiss should be given after sex. One of the two drops down near her thighs and kisses that part of her legs. Then begin to lower until reaching the big toe. Important to reach the big toe eh! If it can not be that the other forget everything lived and have to repeat it … according to the desire you have…

And which one do you like the most? Share and say! ;)

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