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Learning to live by travelling. The Salati Family: travelling the sea.

It has been told that when we travel, is when we really know each other, when we really look in ourselves.

Perhaps a deeper vision is the one that Miguel de Unamuno had when he affirmed that “We travel not to look for the destiny but to flee from where we leave”. This view is perhaps more similar to the concept of the family we are interviewing today, the Salati family.

When you have “everything”: family, good work, money, housing, health … Many people come to a point where, exhausted from the daily routine in which they are, it is impossible even to see their own children more than 1 hour per day,  there are those who decide to stop, to break everything.  A full-blown STOP.  And they start again.

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The Salati family was one of these. Gianluca and Ilaria, a marriage that had everything one could wish for. Wonderful homes in the center of Milan. Jobs they liked and well paid. Luxuries and comforts. But, perhaps the luxury of watching their children grow, take them to school and be able to spend quietly evenings with them playing or doing the school tasks …. That luxury they did not have it.

That is why they decided, 4 years ago, to sell everything and to build a sailboat of 12 meters in length and to undertake in this way what would be their new way of life.

Living with the basics and necessary in a boat with the whole family, it makes us realize what really matters in life.

Gianluca is clear: “We certainly do not know what we as parents are contributing to our children. What we do have in clear is that this experience lived each year in a different city, with different cultures and always with new people, is the basis for the formation of their personality. Such diversity encourages them to have an open and empathetic character, which will be their true strength in their future.”


Traveling promotes empathy

Traveling is the best solution to get rid of stereotypes and prejudices. In fact, it is often heard that “traveling is the best cure against racism”. Prejudices make us feel suspicious of people for irrational reasons, and they take us away from the possibility of connecting with new people. Discovering new people and new customs that deserve our appreciation, helps us to open our minds and to relate in a kinder way with all kinds of people.

The immersion in a new city and a culture until then unknown offers the possibility of relativizing everyday problems and puts us in the shoes of other people who, perhaps, have a life much more complicated than ours.

The traveling children

familia salati

Children through the journey, enjoy good moments in the family, develop a more rational, reflexive and critical thinking and also acquire new values and skills of an emotional and social type.

After passing through La Spezia, Greece, Sicily, Catania, Sardinia, Baleares and Ibiza, since September of 2016 they are in Seville, living in the Nautical Club of the Andalucía´s capital, in waters of the River Guadalquivir. Waiting for the children Federico (7 years) and Ludovica (9) to finish their school year to continue with this “life experience”.

The fact of traveling to different parts of the world is not in itself a factor that explains a greater longevity, but the psychological benefits of this type of experiences gained during travel seem clear. These can improve our quality of life and, ultimately, increase the number of days we live.

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We hope that with this journey of life, in addition to being more longevous, they could  inspire more families. They are an example of not having much in life, but having quality of life is what really matters.

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