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Let´s go to a Summer Camp!

The date is coming. And many of you have lived and gone through (thanks to God) nervous days, sewing and preparing costumes, going to all stores in the city to find that red bowler hat like all her classmates had… You have suffered that “catchy” song loop repeated for days at all hours learning it and dancing it for the final course party and now… you are starting to miss it… The countdown starts. There are just a few days left till the holidays begin. With huge smiles on their faces they announce it to you and you, you’ll keep working until August. You live it like going to the gallows … In #TheNowFamily have the solution: Summer Camps. Wowww !!!

Do not worry, you are not #baddads or #badmums for sending your children to a summer camp the very next day after the school finishes. It has a name and it is called: resources for family conciliation …;)

Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins… Family and friends are not always available to stay with others´ children to take care of them because their parents work till August (usually the holiday month par excellence in the corporate world). So, the questions that these days are prowling in #TheNowFamily parents’ heads is: Now what can I do with my children?

The answer “summer camp” should not scare you.

There is a strange, unpleasant feeling in sending your kids to a bootcamp with strangers. You already see them hating you for doing this to them… And, above all, parents wonder if their child will be prepared to face separation from home for some time. With surprise to many of you, the ones to not feel prepared are fathers and mothers.

If you’re afraid that your son (daughter) founds a giant-carnivorous spider in the tent where they will sleep in the camp … you accusing your little overprotection, far from help, it hurts.

Camps not only help to combine the holiday with the working lives of parents, also they fill them with new experiences and they return with the ‘batteries’ charged, and help parents maintain a healthy emotional education for their children and themselves .

There is a variety of camps to choose from, depending to personal need in terms of timing and duration. Regardless of the choice, the main fact that should motivate the choice is the child’s willingness to join the camp. They are the ones to live there for a couple of months, so their opinion does matter. Involve him/her into the decision-making, and if he is reluctant about the idea, even more. Ask for his opinion and preferences.


What really matters in these choices is the personality of your kid. Is he energetic and never sits quit? Or is he timid and prefers more activities like drawing and playing with LEGO? Don’t under-evaluate your child’s autonomy and don’t direct your choices by your own fears. So, if you don’t like to climb because you’re afraid, don’t even dare to think you’re kid does the same!

If there are some activities that suit for any child no matter the personality, these would for example, music, science or foreign languages. It is known that it is easier to learn something while playing and this can be the best occasion for your kid to learn a foreign language. Bilingual campuses are so common in nowadays and they got popular lately.


If your child needs special need or has a disability, there are also specialized camps.

The equestrian summer camps can be a wise choice for families who are interested the emotional intelligence education of their child. In these camps, children are involved in playing with horses. The animal through its the emotional capacity, it is able to capture the emotional state of the person in front, and more children and adolescents, acting as a mirror that reflects how we require to be relaxed and confident and they help us enhance our nonverbal communication and self esteem.


Other examples useful to mention here can be the ones dedicated entirely to the emotional education, without being linked to the animals. In these camps the conception of personality and self-esteem is promoted through various exercises that train them to become emotionally smarter.  Through the experience of living in an environment, other then their family or school, children learn to recognize their emotions. They learn to recognize their emotions, anger, sadness, joy, etc. and manage them positively, improving their confidence and their relationships with others.  This is a great way  to become more independent and to learn how to decide by themselves. Moreover, as in, these activities are specialized by age group, reduced for the treatment is personalized as possible, and where all activities are carried out by specialists, teachers and psychologists to ensure a transformative experience for children.

If you are still not convinced of the positive impact that your child can get from the camp, here are some reasons to convince yourself definitively:

  1. They gain autonomy. The child becomes more self – sufficient. Whatever type of camp you choose, your child will gain confidence in him/her- self. Facing a new experience and overcoming them make that your child gain more independence. Something very useful for their future.
  2. It’s a fun experience. Do not forget, children are going to have fun and will enjoy their time. While you’re working they will be learning to sing their heart out without disturbing anyone, painting walls that are not your hall home or learning to cook biscuits away from your kitchen.
  3. They learn to share. Having to live with other children makes they become more emphatic regarding others’ needs. Probably becoming generous converts them into little people.macetas
  4. Another way to learn. Learning in camp means learning with fun, and this means that knowledge will stay there forever. Life lessons and people who are known come together. Besides all the skills that may not have as much importance in the academic rigor here are enhanced.
  5. Develop social skills. Hatch mom and dad cost much. These activities are forced to adapt and be flexible to live in a new environment, which will be very useful to know how to face possible changes in life.
  6. Although the activities are geared to fun, kids have to take care of their belongings therefore fostering accountability. In addition, schedules and routines make kids learn to be organized, to manage leisure time, and be aware that they can not always do what you want.
  7. Test other activities. They will learn new games, new habits, new food and assimilate new habits, which helps increase their When they will come back you’ll discover you have at home a star chef!
  8. Relief for families. Even though you would love to spend all his vacations with him, someone has to work! It is a relief for you to know that your kid is in good hands.


We suggest you not to hesitate and send your kid to a summer camp. Now you know how to choose wisely the camp tailored to the needs of your children. Do not forget to put everything they’ll need in their backpack camp: toothbrush, soap and shampoo toilet, a thermometer in case he/ she catch a cold. And, if it is also Oblumi tapp, their monitors will be able to  share with you the measurements and so you will always be informed of how is doing the small.

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