Papa dad son hijo

Man, today is your day, Dad!

Yes, there is a day for everything. Possibly, even for the most absurd things we could thought. But today is the day for all those who, being parents or not, are there helping, collaborating, defending and betting for  the little geniuses of the future who are children, have a better world to live.

In #TheNowFamily we think that today is MEN´s day. Of all those older brothers who cared for the little ones and are still doing it.

hermano cuidado

Of all the cousins who give the necessary complicity to tell the anecdotes of a night party. The day of all those male friends to whom women tell and trust their most intimate questions looking for “the other point of view”. Of those grandparents who invest the little energy in changing diapers, cooking, carrying to school, and making their grandchildren laugh because they feel they are a new opportunity to be better and live.

It is the day of those unselfish uncles who love and care for their nephews as if they were their own children. And, of course, it’s the day of men who are parents, because they have already understood what they have heard from their parents’ mouth: “I love you more than my life”

padre bebe

To all those who are parents. To those who are going to be. To those who “for now it´s a joke?”. To those of “I would not mind.” To those who say “I’m the best uncle”. To those who see diapers and run away …

To all the GOOD MEN in general (after all they are sons too) we wish you a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and we leave you the guide with the 5 keys and reasons why being a #NowDad is something great:

1. You already have someone who you can read a book to but also to whom you can tell the story that comes at your mind at the moment with all the theatrical details you want. Your little one will be amazed with his mouth open. Anyway, you’re the king of everything to him or her.


2. You will never be alone anymore. Possibly not even if you want to be. But hey, you already have with whom to be accompanied everywhere.


padre afeitándose3. If you have a hobby you will have a faithful follower of adventures. Do you know how rewarding it can be to have a tennis match with your little one? No matter who wins. It will be a joke. Parents ´ hobbies often becomes the professions of their children in the future.

4. Whether you like photography or not, you already have a model that you will not stop immortalizing. When he or she grows up … who knows? Perhaps he/she will be an expert in the art of posing ;)

5. Whatever happens, you already have a life partner for laughs even if you tell the worst jokes in the world.

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