Is not winter, is not summer. Take care. It´s May!

You know that time of the year, when the winter is already a “beautiful” memory and the summer makes herself waiting way too much? That moment of the year when even spring lost her identity? Yes, that one. The strangest month of the year, together with October. Ok, May, here we go, allergies and sneezes. Hello.

And let’s not forget about the clothes. Shall we put the coat on or is it enough a t-shirt? For all those mothers struggling with their kids, let’s have a minute of silence. It is not the easiest moment of the year for them. Since we, here, at Oblumi, want to take care of our beloved mums, we’ll send you some good vibes and little advices on how to manage the emergency situation called “May, I hate you”, sniffles & Co.

But, first let’s have an introduction on what a typical mum experiences these days. Your toddler is hanging around, running in the park because finally the sun showed up and is not a myth similar to Santa Claus. But you secretly fear the wind, and the unexpected showers in the middle of the sunny day. Yes, we love rainbows, but let’s be honest, who loves to get wet?

The first and foremost, the granny’s advice of all times, the most appreciated by mums but so hated by the nephews! “Cover yourself up kid!”, how many times did you hear this from your mum? Is she continuously repeating it to your kids? Yes, mine too. But we shall not ignore it. It is a golden one. So, in any case, even if the sun is shining as in a sunny August Day in the South of Spain, we should not take for granted the sudden cold weather and put the scarf on.


Secondly, and not insignificant, the onion method! God bless the onions and the nature itself. Definitely we could use the same strategy with our toddler, even if she/he is 1 year year old or 10, and we should. Layers of clothes, from the t-shirt to the heaviest coat that you can find in their wardrobe, anything is useful to avoid long days with fever, thermometers and hot soups. Let’s be honest, you want your flexibility in time and space.


There are times when getting the sniffle is an inevitable event. And now what? A little secret for you? Go to the pharmacy, but not for buying the classic painkillers, no, not those. Ask for saline drops, to help your baby with breathing easier, and yourself in sleeping better. You can put a couple of drops in each nostril 15 minutes before a feed (which will loosen up the mucus in the sinuses) and then try using a nasal aspirator to suck out some of the snot. The result is guaranteed and your pediatrician will thank you.


Since we are in love with the healthy way of living, we should say that there are endless ways of staying away, or trying in any case, of the dangerous unwanted flu. Hydration is the milestone for any situation. For kids, especially. And if you have a baby, breastfeeding becomes extremely important. Your health is their health. So take care of you, first of all. Food? Leave that doughnuts and have an apple. You know what they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Broccoli? Yes, that too. And if your toddler doesn’t like it, here it is another secret. Try and prepare together the green nuggets, involve them and play, play, play in the kitchen.  

And to wrap it up, an advice from the bottom of our heart. Make the best of the sunny days. For just a couple of moments forget about the danger kids are running and enjoy it. Vitamin D, this forgotten saint, is health itself and we should not forget its essential role for our body. So, stop for some moments and enjoy it all. And pray for the summer, it is on its way.

PS. We took it for granted. But just to burst it up, the best remedy in any case for your toddler is a good amount of cuddles and care. They have never enough! And is the best medicine.

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