Sneezes and snots… Welcome spring!

Already arrived, it is here! And with it, flowers, pollen, sneezes and snots… Welcome spring! We so love you! Allergy sufferers revere you.

Relax, do not panic! It is only one season. 3 months…. just three months, come on …

For those who suffer allergy, going for a walk, to the park, jogging, or any other outdoor activity becomes a true martyrdom. In fact, they see such a beautiful thing as a flower and run faster than a greyhound.

The problem of allergies is not ruled by something specific. It is true that heredity has much to say since allergies can be transmitted from parents to children through genes.

Although this does not mean that all children of an allergic person go to allergies but are more predisposed to it. Environmental pollution and hygiene are other factors that influence and undoubtedly have led to a great increase of this disease in recent times.

The point is that all allergic individuals, both children and adults, spend a few difficult months because we, as human being have to constantly breathe, breathe every day and that for an allergic person becomes a complicated thing. Are you familiar with cough, itching and tears in your eyes that make you look like Mary Magdalene? Snot that invades the face of children and adults are as dreamers of trumpets in office meetings. And sneezing … sneezing crises are the best. You can not do anything. Write, or speak, or … Nothing at all. Not even breathe … which will lead you to a slow death (figuratively).

In #TheNowFamily, we also are allergic, and as we know that irony and humour usually cure everything (at least the mood) we want to leave a small list of things you must do to get away from all the specks of possible pollen. Also, if you laugh, airways expand … A honest opinion of someone who is wearing handkerchief to avoid having to make drilled amazon to make paper …

  1. Men, women, children, grandparents, babies… Speaking of handkerchiefs… IMPOSSIBLE LEAVING HOME WITHOUT THEM IN THE BAG !! Snots are veeeery unpleasant, especially to see, so scarves are the first MUST HAVE in spring season.pañuelos pequeña
  2. Animal lovers … is a great (f…thing) you love dogs and cats and birds and other animal with wings or 4 legs and you’re allergic … Yes, it is. But that sign with NO PETS! on it, they were made for you. What you can do is to keep pets super-clean. And there are also hypoallergenic pets, like spanish water-dogs <3gato
  3. Start running if you see a park! Parks and gardens are also prohibited.There is so much to admire in the urban landscape!mascara
  4. Clean, clean, clean. It is what you certainly hate the most to do at home: order and clean the house. But mites, pollen and other pollutants enter through the windows of the house to stay and …of course, makes you can´t breath. Clean with water, so that dust does not spread merrily toward your face and your children´s.
  5. And last but not least patience, which is the mother of all sciences. There is nothing else you can do. Have always near to you all the antihistamines and all-eucalyptus mint candies that are necessary to help you breathing. A little bit of yoga also comes in handy for that relaxation, meditation and learning to breathe less :)

With humor life tastes better.

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