Mum You Rock

The day is coming … the Mother`s day. Moms, these alien beings living on earth. They are able to see the future, to predict it. They know the  weather we will have, the cold or the heat you’re going to have, before you walk out the door without even looking how is the weather day through the window. They are able to spend their hand even before you fall, working 48 hours without hardly sleep for their children, her partner and her family do not lack of anything.

Are those humans whose energy seems to last more than for the rest but … They just are women, normal, of flesh and bones and … mothers.

Therefore they are cool, so cool.

A cool mummy is that one who, despite waking up with panda eyes and having slept little 5 hours is able to get up, put on some music and wake their children (if they have not been woken up before it) and dances to gets them dressed. Or not dance, but laugh, LOL.

That mother who is able to stop what she is doing for a few minutes and helps her child to paint a Picasso with Staedtler pencils. But she is also the one who sits her child in front of a blank paper with all possible colors pencils and says “Paint what you want” and continues working without looking to her kid.

A cool mamma also plays with PlayStation while thinking what she could do to eat for the whole week. When her son / daughter scores her a goal in FIFA’s, is just because she was thinking about it, not because she doesn´t know how to play.


She also needs to have a pack of Mother Sentences.For example: You’re looking for something, you can not find it and start to listen to her, down the hall as a fortune – teller: “If I go and find it … you will hear me!”  And so it is. You, suffered son, you’ve moved heaven and earth. All drawers are empty, and you do not know where else to look and then … she, with those narrowed eyes ¬, enters the room and, as if wereby magic, ‘appears what you were looking for hours !! Before she gives you a slap, you dodge her hand and tell Mom You Rock   and go running dodging the rebuke of maternal supremacy wich she can do everything. Unfortunate , or fortunately, predictions of that kind a mother has a full drawer completely full just to the top … So you just have to accept it … “As you fall … also I´ll give you a slap!”And she always be right because she is your mother boy!

The cool mamma has 8 arms  (or more). Is all that woman who is able to change a diaper, while talking by phone with a client, has put food on the fire and save the eldest son from falling off the couch because he not stops jumping … She is skillful and wise. She knows that even more she tries it to not pass, her kidswill stain, they are going to get dirty, are going to throw down, they will wallow wherever just to play … and will be children. So she buys wipes not clothes that can not be washed. And they go out with friends to have a beer, letting their daughters play lying on the ground if necessary. But her moment of #thebeeroftheday no one can take away because what stands out in a cool mamma, is that she knows that her friends without children are no less cool than her. She knows that  besides a mother, she is a woman, sister, friend, daughter, wife … And she rocks because she can do and be all this without being a bad mother .


And above all there is one thing they have in common all moms: they learn to use new technologies to work on the street while waiting for their children leave school or just to greet their children on whatsapp although their eyes are not what they used to be.

To you mom, because you wouldn´t be so cool without them and because basically you feel that are the coolest thing in your life. However you do: Congratulations to have your own #TheNowFamily!

Have a great Mother’s Day.

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