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Let’s reinvent New Year Resolution

With the arrival of the new year we all get caught up in the wave of New Year Resolutions, which is more risky and challenging than the rules of physics …

Long queues in the gyms, full of people who, let’s say the truth, already paid last year in full with the hope that they would go “at least 2 days a week” and in the end went a week in a whole year (some or even that).

The decision of going to the gym, eating better and losing weight is still the first and most used of the purposes that we repeat again and again, year after year, in a fatal intention to get it right, at least this year. And as for classic purpose, we can also add to the list also the purpose of learning new  languages ​​(without knowing even why), leaving the bad habits like smoking tobacco (“this is the last pack that I buy”), or implement new ones such as read more (and still you have not read the book that you found under the tree in 2015), call more the family (when you have lost their phone numbers for years) ….. and endless purposes that are a nonsense to us.Goals

That is why, from #TheNowFamily we come with a series of purposes that you can fulfil whether you are parents or not, grandparents, uncles or singles for life  and not just the upcoming year. By fulfilling them, you will feel much better about your life and yourself. With just the intention nothing is achieved. Sometimes you just have to do it without thinking too much. You will achieve everything that you propose.

Here we go!

1. Accept yourself: Accept yourself from the heart. Just like that, without make-up, work or social masks. Love yourself, love yourself and work hard so that this is reflected in everything you do and do. Above all, if you have children, it is the best positive education you can give them. Children should be accepted as they are in the first place by their parents. It is the main source for creating good self-esteem.

2. Listen more: To silence to listen and to reflect is something that at the moment very few people know how to do. It is true that we all have an opinion about everything in life (although this is not well founded) but we must learn to be more reflective and not express our opinion without actually hearing. When we are silent to listen, we know much more (and better) the person we interact with, be it coworkers, the salesman who takes care of us or our own children. The latter will also learn the value of the word and how to think (think) before speaking.


3. Respect more: This purpose extends to practically everything, starting with respecting ourselves. No one can give what he does not have and respect can be considered as the most fundamental value. In order for today’s children to be respectful, they must be raised by receiving the same respect that they will profess for others. What does this mean? No more nor less than acting according to your values ​​and your dignity. It does not matter what purpose you set this year. Always do everything respecting and respecting yourself, not limiting yourself but not exceeding you.

4. Spend time on what and who truly deserve it: You may have heard this phrase more than once, said it in another way and / or in another context. When things repeat so much, we should think that it’s for something, right? We spent the days saying that “I will do that thing when I have time”, “let’s see if we can see each other when I have time” and similar ones. All of this you know, are just excuses we use with others and with ourselves. It is not that you run off to the call your friend leaving everything you’re doing aside! But if someone asks you to meet and the truth is that you don’t feel like it, we must say the truth to ourselves and others (in a nice way). Your time is gold, and the right time for whatever is here and now.


They say that there is no lack of time, that there is lack of interest, because when people really want it, the dawn becomes day, Tuesday becomes Saturday and a moment becomes opportunity.”

There’s nothing else to discuss about. Do your work well and at the appropriate time. Take the opportunities. Remember that the time invested in things you don’t enjoy is time subtracted to those things you might really love doing. Too much time spent at work leaves you with no time to spend with your children, your family, your partner, or your favorite hobby.

Your purpose should be to enjoy, live and invest time in that which brings you happiness and not frustration.

Learn to give your absence to those who do not know how to appreciate your presence.

(Oscar Wilde (1854-1900))

5. Be happy: It is the main goal one could go for in their life. It should be your most valuable New Year proposition. Do not forget. No matter how, but be happy. If you achieve the above points you surely it will be easier to be happy, day in and day out.


Who knows and accepts himself, loves himself, is able to listen with patience others, reflecting before judging others, is the one who choose those people with whom spend time with. He, who lives with a sense of gratitude and generosity is the one who will be happy with simple things and achieve any New Year Resolution.

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