portada mobile world congress con 3310

Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress: family, let´s talk again

If there is an event that for #TheNowFamily -Oblumi has marked a before and after in our lives, that is the MWC. Last year we attended this event with a stand in 4YFN, surrounded by start-ups with all the illusion and the desire to grow and advance in our project. But above all, we wanted them to see us, to know us. And yes, we get it.

oblumi en el mobile

Last year, as in Oblumi we are aware of all the aspects related to children, upbringing, education, family health and, to the extent possible of the (blessed) family conciliation, we were struck by the scarce Number of families and assistants with children that were in the MWC.

The little adapted of the enclosure (and possibly the minds of the industry of this sector that thought more in: “boy do not touch that, that you are going to break”) did not propitiate the fact that parents, could attend comfortably to the event. There were even problems with a couple and their nursing baby, which were expelled because “supposedly” infants could not enter the event. We believe that for this reason, the lactation room, enabled for it within the enclosure itself, remained new and untouched (News: #MarinaEntraAlCongreso)

Certainly because of these incidents (there were several similar ones) as eHealth, education and the mobile technology industry in general know that children and their parents are an untapped reef, this year in the MWC, in addition to 4YFN ( For Start-ups) has also presented the first edition of YOMO, the “Youth Mobile Festival”. This event aims to inspire the young “and help them to better understand the professional careers of the STEAM sectors in an increasingly mobile world”. With this initiative 20,000 schoolchildren will have been able to see firsthand live theater shows, interactive workshops and dozens of practical activities. In this way, we have been able to see more children through the MWC as well as being an opportunity for the institutions and companies that participate in the event with the children and youth market as a target audience to publicize their technology, brands, skills and ideas.

We will see if, as they say, children are the future, we have a new DaVinci technology expert that will improve our partnership with IoT.

At the moment, the parents of today, those who lived their adolescence and adored youth in the 90’s, at the mobile world congress this year we have seen the full color resurrection, that was our first mobile, the indestructible 3310.

nokia 3310 antes y después

It is curious that in an MWC where the most advanced technology, all possible commercial virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robots that look like people are presented, the “best” and most desired of all the event has been to see our beloved and Old mobile; That only served to talk, send messages and play SNAKE.

A mobile that in design, functionality and price could still be conceived for children, adolescents and young people, but out because we are in another era. With this mobile the current problems of false profiles, undue photos of minors, and endless problems of parental security, against which we fight today, would be eradicated. Perhaps that’s why, the nostalgic parents and mothers of that year 2000, have waited so long for the return of the cell phone of a lifetime.

But today is also another year round: 10 years since Apple discovered another world with the launch of the iPhone. It was a year that meant the passage of the indestructible mobile, to the interaction with the screens.

iphone 3

During this Mobile, “we are entering another era, in which we begin to interact through the voice that will become the predominant interface in the next few years.”

“The convergence between artificial intelligence and voice will usher in a new era of interfaces in which we will move from” touching “technology to talking to it”

For the next Mobile World Congress we are not sure what we are going to find but surely, whether for one thing or another, to talk, we will surely talk more. Even with robots.

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